Friday, 20 March 2009

Im Still Here!!!


I recieved a comment from Brigitte saying that I hadn't posted in 20 days!! I didn't realise it had been so long!! Sorry to anyone who still actually reads this blog!

I've been busy!!! Matt and I have been engaged for nearly a month! So i've been doing some wedding planning. Since our engagement my Brother John and Siany have also announced their engagement. So we are having fun planning our weddings together, and swapping ideas and stories! At the moment we are both in love with the same dress!! haha!!!
Matty and I have been engagement ring shopping together and we thing we've found 'the one'. We will hopefully go in and get it tomorrow (aparently they are having big sales this saturday).

I know i've been neglecting my little blog but I think its because i'm concentrating so much on my photo-a-day-2009 project. Im loving jotting down a little paragraph about the day and adding a photo. Its good fun! If you'd like to visit that, click HERE.

We recently went to our good friend's Bec and Kato's Wedding. It was beautiful!! I want to do a blog post about it as it was great to be there to watch our good friends get married!

Liberty is growing so so fast!!! She is NEARLY 10 months old now!! She now points, waves and claps. She crusies around furniture at a rapid pace. She loves climbing up flights of stairs. She babbles constantly. Eats well... real well. She's still on 3 breastfeeds a day. She has two little teeth, and i think the top ones are begining to break through. She is so funny and so cute. And I guess im allowed to brag about her here on my blog!! haha! We are loving Gymbaroo! Libby loves all her friends!! And I love catching up with my mothers group on a monday!
Im still feeling very tired though (bloody iron levels). Its annoying as I dont do as much as I want to because I get too tired + there is no point in wearing myself out too much.

Okay, well I just wanted to let you all know, im still around! I'll be back soon to blog about Bec and Kato's wedding!!

Please, leave me a comment if you are reading this! Im just wondering if I actually have any readers left!!!

Here are some photos for you to enjoy....

Matty and I - the happily engaged(!!!) couple!
Liberty in Manly the other morning. Whislt we were watching Matty do a race
Splish splash! Liberty is such a little water baby! She loves her bathtime!!
Liberty with her Dadada
Liberty with her mumuma
Xx Jess


Siany said...

youre such a busy girl! dont worry about neglecting your blog - youre living a very happy and wonderful life outside of the internet lol!!
Love the photos youve added here - sums up the month nicely!
I love 'wedding planning' with you lol!
Fingers crossed you find *your* ring tmr!!

Carole said...

Yes, I read your blog.
But Siany is right: "Don't worry about neglecting your blog!". We will still be present in a few months ;-P
Can't wait to see your ring!!
Bisous en chocolat!

mandy chemane said...

i still look for your lovely stories, photos and libby updates jess!!!! i love your blog, but dont feel bad that you cant be at it all the time, you are a busy mama!!!! and your photo a day is fabulous!!!! good luck with the wedding planning xxxx

DarNonymous said...

You know I am your biggest Blog devotee ever!!!! I always read any updates & have a feed to your photo-a-day now! I just don't get a chance to comment much before the kid drags me away from the computer! Haha! BTW you are looking STUNNING!!! That is a gorgeous dress. Hope you & Siany are having fun planning your weddings, I am just glad Marty's sis is planning ours Haha!!! I am waaay too disorganised to do it myself!

Debbie said...

I have a picture of Rachel in the tub when she was that age. 30-something years ago! She was a cute little chub too :) You look beautiful BTW.

Mell Mallin said...

I read this blog!

I am most chuffed when I see you have posted again! I check in at least 3 times a week!

Shame about life outside the net, although, then what would we blog about??

lusi said...

Hello lovely Jess! I still pop in too but somehow I missed that YOU GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!! CONGRATS TO YOU AND MATTY!!!!! Awesome :) And how exciting to be sharing the experience with Sian and Johnny! One of my close friends and I were due with babies on exactly the same day and we got to share so much of the pregancy together and I cherish that always. Special *sister* stuff!
Hey, keep living a beautiful life outside the blog (life's too short for anything else!)
Lots of love to you all,
Lusi x
PS: Did Matty tell you I must have scared him half to death when I *recognised* him in Coles and started chatting away?! Sorry about that! lol :)

Natália Rosin said...

Oh my! You are getting married??? What a such big news! Congratulations for the engagement! I'm very happy for you!

Oh, and update my blog, now it is