Thursday, 25 June 2009

nappy cake!

I had a Nappy Cake order!! I was asked to make a 2 teir cake for a girl!
This is what I made.....

I sold it for $80! I was so happy to make some money! And it was great fun to "bake" haha!

Yesterday we went shopping in Chatswood and I lost my wallet. I was so upset as I now had to cancel all my cards, I have to figure out what was IN my wallet, get a new licence etc, etc, etc. But I also had the money I made from my nappy cake in there. It sounds a bit stupid, but this past year, I havent made my own money as I'm a stay at home mum. This was the first time i'd made a bit of cash. I was so upset to have lost it.

Other than losing my wallet, everything is great!! We now have a full on walking toddler on our hands who is pretty much on one sleep a day now! She is just so much fun! I love spending my days with her!

Xx Jess


Natália Rosin said...

oh this is absolutely amazing! well done, jess!

Carole said...

Je comprends que tu sois boulversée d'avoir perdu ton porte-monnaie. Ce n'est vraiment pas juste de perdre ton porte-monnaie le jour où tu y as mis ce que tu as gagné en confectionnant une commande de Nappy Cake. :(
Je suis de tout coeur avec toi.
Mise à part cela, ils sont magnifiques tes Nappy Cake. Je comprends qu'on t'en demande :)
xxx Carole

Debbie said...

So sorry you lost your wallet and self-made money! I totally get it. Your "cakes" are so cute though, I wouldn't be surprised if there are many more orders in your future :)

Nicole said...

ohhhhh that 'cake' is fabulous.

OMG Lib's walking, makes them so much for fun to play with hey??


Nat said...

Hi Jess, thanks for visitng my blog. So sorry you lost your wallet and your nappy cake money... that's a beautiful nappy cake by the way - I've always wanted to make one of them!!! love it!
Nat :)