Thursday, 20 August 2009

"family day"

Every wednesday Matty takes the day off work (he works weekends) and we have a "family day" we even used to do this before Libby was born! I love being able to spend time as a family!! Some wednesdays we dont do much, just hang out all together and sometimes we do fun and exciting things! Living in Sydney means there is always somewhere beautiful to go to spend the day!

We drove to Manly and caught the ferry into the city! It was such a nice day and we all enjoyed the ferry trip....
When we got to the city we walked over to The Rocks and looked at a few shops and then Matt saw a little cafe where basically everything was gluten free or at least had a gluten free option. So I said we definately had to have lunch there!! We both had kebabs! Wow! I gluten free kebab! That was the first time i've had one of those and it was yummy!!!
We then walked back to Circular Quay and hung out there for a while before going to the Opera House and for a walk in the Botanical Gardens whilst Libby had a very short nap!
Then it was the afternoon and time to hop back on the Ferry and head home!
We had a wonderful day!
Xx Jess


DarNonymous said...

So so cute! She is such a little rocker!
And her hair is really growing, almost time for hairstyling fun!
How awesome that you got to try some new GF foods, it must be pretty limiting for you.

Debbie said...

Darling picture of Libby in the sunglasses! You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place. Too bad it would cost me thousands to see it :(

lusi said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time!!! I went to hear Sue Dengate speak last night, author of 'fed up'. have you read her books? heaps of great gf recipes.
Love Lus x

Siany said...

Wow Libby has such an exciting life!! You guys do some great things on your family day :) I bet she had a ball!! Some really cute pics there!! And lucky you finding another gf place!