Monday, 17 August 2009

a 'taste' of summer..

Yesterday the mercury topped a nice 26°! Its still oficially winter here in Sydney! It was so nice! And today is a beautiful warm day again!!! How exciting! Im loving this weather! Its so nice to see Libby's skin too! Its been all rugged up since we got back from Hawaii! I think Libby is loving this warm weather too! Thanks to Matt and I giving her a yummy iceblock to eat and get all sticky with!

Here's to many more sunny, sticky and fun days ahead!!!
Xx Jess


DarNonymous said...

I know! How AMAZING is this weather!!!! I can't believe it's winter! Such a shame that we are all bloody sick, such a waste of good weather!
Libby is too cool for skool!!! She is such a little groover, yes you are totally lucky that she isn't fussy with her food at all, especially corn, that'll keep her occupied for a while! Haha! Wish I could Kaia into it!

Siany said...

mmm yummy! her outfit looks very summery!! :) cant wait til summer!

Debbie said...

I need to start a dictionary of all the Aussie lingo I'm learning from you, like, "all rugged up" and "iceblock". We call them popsicles.

Oh, and "groover", from DarNonymous!

Glad you are enjoying the warm weather there. It's gonna be a scorcher here today. 100 degrees. I think that's 37.7 celcius. NOT my cup of tea!