Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Wishlist Wednesday

Thanks Dar for tagging me for your fun blog game!!
Im playing along this week! If anyone else wants to play just addit to your blog and let Dar know, she'd love that!
Okay so my wishlist today....

1. No more snotty noses!!!
Poor little Libby has had a cold and runny nose for a week now! I just wish for it to go away!
2. A personal chef!
I mean, is that too much to ask?!! haha! I really dont know what to cook for dinner, I hate trying to think of what to make!
3. A new wardrobe!
Im so sick of my clothes! I feel like im living in a cartoon! You know how cartoons characters always wear the same thing? Well, thats me! I hate shopping and can never find anything nice! Maybe I should actually wish for a personal shopper and stylist!

Well that was good fun!! Hope lots of people join in!
Xx Jess


DarNonymous said...

Haha, thanks for sending some Blog lovin' my way!
Poor Lib, how is she going now?
Chef, most definately, I think dinner is the worst meal ever invented. If it was just me I'd prob just have weetbix for dinner, but if I don't cook something substantial Marty will be too tired then he'll be tired & crabby at work from not eating & it's all just a stupid viscious circle!
Why oh why must there be a meal to cook when you are at the tiredest point of your day, & your kids are going nuts, & you have a baby to feed & laundry to do at the same time you are cooking!!!!
As for a new wardrobe, I think my falling apart trackies speak for themselves! But you always look like a yummy mummy, I think you'd be like Smurfette or something if you had a cartoon uniform!

Siany said...

or jessica rabbit!! smokin! lol!

How fun would it be to spend the day with a stylist! I'd love that!! Shame theyre so expensive - that could have been our 'hens' lol!!