Tuesday, 5 January 2010

baby # 2

Yesterday I went and had my 20 week ultrasound. It was so exciting!!! Im going public for this birth, as I did with Libby. So there are no extra check ups and special care (unless needed) but I was so happy that I asked the ultrasound lady if she could please print out a photo of the baby so I could show Matty (who stayed at home to look after Libby). The lady was so nice and said in that case she'd take a 3D photo from thier new machine... HOW EXCITING!!!!
So here are a couple of photos of baby #2 both in 2D and 3D. I didn't find out the sex, just incase you were interested!!
Xx Jess


Natália Rosin said...

Oh my Gosh, Jess!
This is totally exciting! I didn't know you are expecting another little one!
And I wish the #2 comes so cute and healthy as Liberty!
Kisses on the belly! =P


Carole said...

It seems that your baby #2 looks perfect :)
I hope that Liberty will love her little sister/brother!
Always thinking of you,
xxx Carole

Julie said...

So clever what ultra-sounds can do with the 3D imaging... How exciting for you all!!!

Siany said...

Yay for baby # 2!! I think its a boy :)

Those photos are just incredible! You must be so happy! And it must be a great feeling to know the baby is healthy!

Cant wait to meet Bump 2.0!

Marjolein said...

Oh my gosh...this is just amazing, those 3D pictures..... you must be thrilled to have those!
Great that baby#2 is healthy!! You're okay too??

Debbie said...

Isn't the new 3D imaging amazing? By the time you're a grandma you'll probably get to see actual photographs of the baby before it's born.

Brigitte G. said...

oh my goshh i can't believe nowadays how precise those ultrasound are !!
i can see soooo precisely the nose ect... aweeesome stuff Jess :)