Saturday, 23 January 2010

dream home...

I found my dream home today! So I called Matt to see if he'd checked our lottery tickets, just incase we had won, and we could go buy it now!! haha! Well, we did win the lottery... $21. Hmm, I dont think $21 covers anything, in fact I think we paid more than that for the ticket! haha!
Oh well,
I wish we had enough money to buy THIS little shack on Narrabeen Lake. It doesn't have a price but I know it would be out of our league! We will just have to keep saving...
Its just so perfect!
4 Bedroom
lake front
In Narrabeen
It has a little granny flat for visitors
Oh, I love it!
Well, thats all... Just wanted to share my little find!
Xx Jess

ETA: So Matt called the realestate agent today out of curiosity of how much they want for "our dream house".... wait for it..... TWO MILLION DOLLARS!
I better continue buying lottery tickets!! haha
And my parents are trying to sell their BEAUTIFUL home/thriving business for less than that! far out, I should tell them to up their price by 200%.


Siany said...

Wow Jess! That 'little' shack is actually quite big inside! And the land is even bigger than our land here! I wish I could win the lottery for you too but we never buy a ticket lol! That would be such a gorgeous little home for you all!! Fingers crossed something comes your way soon! :)

Siany said...

PS love the new blog look! very cute :)

Marjolein said...

Omg........ 2 million...... wow......keep on buying those tickets, cause the house is awesome!

Brigitte G. said...

wowww Jessy !! you've got expensive taste hehehe !!
well you know.. you don't actually buy the house but the land and looks like it's on ze perfect spot :)