Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!!


Im not even sure why I'm blogging! Its not like I'm a blogger anymore! But I just needed to write about how excited I am to have completed a year of photo-a-day! I will now begin the process of having it published and printed into a book :-). I love this idea! I have my 2009 photo-a-day book close by and I look at it often! I missed out on doing it for 2010 and I really regret it! So after doing 2011, I knew I wanted to continue the theme. This time Ive actually jumped on the bandwagon and will be doing Project Life! Very exciting! I have been reading Jennifer Woodbury's blog for years and love her photos. Thats where I discovered Project Life. So i've ordered my kit and looking forward to it!

2011 was a good year. With Ups and Downs.
The highlight was definately our family holiday to Hawaii in May. Liberty celebrated her 3rd Birthday and Indiana turned ONE on the very same day! We really had fun on that trip! Liberty still talks about it!!!!
I turned 30! And Matty turned 40!! So there were many celebrations for our little family!

Wishing any one who read this, a **Happy, Healthy, Safe, Fun and Full of Love... 2012***


Sian Kummer said...

Happy New Year Jess. So glad to have shared so many wonderful memories with you this year. Hope next year is just as wonderful for you xx

Debbie Doughty said...

I miss blogging and my blogging buddies. I blame FB! Congrats on finishing the Photo-a-day challenge. I'm impressed! Best wishes for a wonderful 2012, and may God bless you and your precious family.

ilostapple said...

happy new year and show us ur book.. and tell me about blurb can you sell ?

Anonymous said...

Your life looks lovely & your children are absolutely beautiful! I have 2 grown daughters and a 4 1/2 year old granddaughter {so I know true beauty when I see it!}. Blessings to you & yours!