Wednesday, 10 January 2007


Well, a few days ago i did what i've been wanting to do for ages! I emailed off a couple of my scrapbook layouts to a few of the scrapping magazines and....
today i got my 1st reply from scrapbooking memories and they are considering one of my Layouts!!!! OMG!!!
Now, i cant get too excited yet as they are only considering it at the moment. I have to post it off asap and i will then be notified to wether or not they do want to publish it or not... either way... its so exciting!!

On another note.. i got my CT scans back today and they have found what is wrong with me... severe sinusitis! So now i can start the healing process, another lot of good news! Im so sick of feeling sick all the time!!

Its been a good day!
xx Jess!


Siany :) said...

OMG!! YAY!!! I'm SOO happy for you!! On both counts! Thats so exciting to be considered for publishing!! And I'm so glad that you can finally start getting better!! I guess the few weeks off work soon will be perfect timing for you to relax and rest WITH matty!!

Go YOU!!


lee woodside said...

Sorry to hear that you have not been well.

Marie said...

WWWOOOWWWW jess that is so good about your LO,you should be so proud with yourself.
i'm so glad that you know what is wrong with you, now we hope you will feel better and GET BACK TO WORK lol