Thursday, 11 January 2007

Getting to know me...

Well, seeing as im new to the blogging world i thought this would be cool to post so ppl can read about me!!

A= Available~ no.
B= Best Friend~ Im luck to have so many!! Georgie, Sian and Marie.
C= Cake or pie~ CAKE! Baked blackberry cheesecake (or anything chocolate).
D= Drink of choice~ ummm, trying to drink lots of H2O, boring i know lol.
E= Essential item you use everyday~ the computer.
F= Favorite color~ depends on my mood... but today i'd say fuchia (is that how you spell it??!)
G= Gummy bears or worms~ not really a lolly fan.. but i'll say gummy bears.
H= Hometown~ Narrabeen/Katoomba (lots of comuting!).
I= Indulgences~ shopping for scrapping stuff.
J= January or February~ Feb! my b'day and usually the warmest part of summer!
K= Kids and Names~ none yet (hopefully soon! lol)
L= Life is incomplete without?~ friends and family.
M= Marriage date~ Still waiting for matt to pop the question!! HAHAHAH!
N= Number of siblings~ one - aka... Johnny Balance
O= Oranges or apples~ both boring, but i'll go with apples (pink ladies).
P= Phobias or Fears~ vomit, yep weird i know.
Q= Favorite Quote~ “Live well, Laugh often, & Love with all of your heart!”.
R= Reason to smile~ when the sun is shining.
S= Season~ Summer! time for the beach and nicer clothes!
T= Tag 3 or 4 people~ how do i do that?!! bit technical! lol
U= Unknown fact about me~ i dont like rollercoasters! Waaaay too scary!
V= Vegetable you don't like~ brussel sprouts and squash - yuck.
W= Worst habit~ picking. (as in picking pimples etc gross i know)
X= X-rays~ had 2 CT scans in the last month.
Y= Your favorite food~ chocolate, spag bol and raclette (a swiss cheese meal)
Z= Zodiac Sign~ Picies

If anyone at all reads this blog... leave a comment and let me know your A-Z things!!
Xx jess!!

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Siany :) said...

Hey Jess!! Interesting LOL I think I did this a while ago so you can see it on my blog. Oh, and I think tagging means you are supposed to just choose a few people to do the A-Z!! Luv ya! xx