Friday, 2 February 2007

bit early to post...

Well, im getting ahead of myself here!!! In three days we are all going on our Annual holidays from work!! (Sian and john got an 'early mark' lucky them). We are closing for two weeks!
Mum thinks a photo is a good way to attract customers to the sign that says we are closed... so all the staff got dressed up in silly things to pose for funny photos to put up on the door to announce that we will be closed for the 2 weeks. So here are a couple...

I dont have much planned for the holidays! Just spending lots of time with Matty and at home, do lots of scrapbooking!! The Cyber Crop at Scrapbooks, Paper & Things starts again next week, so that'll be fun!!! Love the Cyber Crop! Great inspirational ideas!!

And i've also got my friend Eva's Hens Night on next weekend!! We are going *pole dancing* now, im the last person that should attempt this... so not sexy!!! But it should be a good laugh!! i'll try not to forget to take my camera!!! The boys are doing *paint ball* for Steve's Bucks!! They'll have a great time too!! Looking forward to the wedding in March!!

And there is lots more happening!! Including doctors which is boring but i've got to concentrate on feeling better & putting on a bit of weight, which is so hard to do!!!

Well, im off to get ready for work - yay!!! umm, not!!! But its the last week!! YAY!!!!!

Xx Jess


Prolix from la Normandie said...

merci for your message on my blog!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

marie said...

only a few more to go jess, cant wait for the break.
i'm so happy that you are better.

judith said...

Have a great holiday!!