Thursday, 1 February 2007

What The?!?!?

Well i was just sitting on the computer and behind me i could hear noise but i didnt really take any notice. After a while i thought 'what is that noise?' and turned around to find this...

Yep, the cockatoo has decided that this is his home and he can waltz on in whenever he feels!!! He was very cute until he tried to start nibbling on my scrapbooking trolley!!!! SO i shooed him out and realised.. he had company..

So thats my excitement for the morning of the 1st of February!! lol

**pinch and a punch for the 1st day of the month!!**

Xx jess!


marie said...

haha lol how funny is that!
nice photo

Siany said...

HAHAHA How cute!! You can claim his as your pet!! (Actually I think thats illegal!! LOL) John said He is attracted to the drawing on the wall... must be mating season!!

Gigi said...

this is priceless! what kind of bird is the other one? looks like they've struck up quite the friendship!!

hope you have a wonderful holiday!

jess said...

HI Gigi!

The other bird is a Kookaburra!! He's friendly too!! You can hand feed them cos they are so used to people... and the cockatoo... once you've given him a cracker.. you can pat him!!!

Because i live in an appartment, im not allowed any pets.. so its always nice to have the birds "visit"!

Xx jess!