Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Cyber Crop - Week Three...

This weeks challenge from the Scrapbooks Paper and Things website was a tough one!!!

The Challenge:
- “Action!”

You must include:
* 3 or more ACTION shots (any size) on your page i.e.: the subject/s in your photographs must be DOING something: riding a bike, singing, jumping, etc
* Also need to have an INTERACTIVE (viewer involved) element on your page. Examples to get you thinking: a hinged panel that the reader must flip, a slider where an element on your page moves, a pop up, a cd/dvd they can take off the page and listen to/view, etc

As soon as I read the challenge I knew I was going to do one of Matty's sporting races! The Coast to Coast, NZ I thought was a perfect race to scrap.

So, here's what i came up with...
Let me know what you think!! Thanks :)

Flap Closed:

Flap Open:

Close Ups:


lee woodside said...

Girl this is fabulous!!

marie said...

wow jess this is one of your best work.
you have put so much work in it
well done

Je@net said...

Wauw, you did a great job. Just looks great!!

Anonymous said...

brilliant! love your shoes card too, and the photos of QE 2..made me go look it up online I was so impressed by it.

Gigi said...

this is so fantastic! love the hinged piece....very cool!!!

Patty S said...

beautiful LO! :-)

Colleen said...

love this!!! love the flap and the maps and the shots and the medal and just everything!!!

Prolix from la Normandie said...

merci for your nice comment on my blog!



{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Brigitta said...

wow Jess, the action is literally jumping off this page!!! well done!!

Siany said...

Hi Jess!! First chance Ive had to look at anything!! I LOVE this page! And great photography of it too LOL. I miss scrapping!! And miss hanging out with you!! Is that what I should say when Im on holidays?!? I dunno LOL xx Siany