Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Queen Mary 2

Yesterday, the Queen Mary 2 sailed into Sydney Harbour! Its so big.. it doesnt fit under the Sydney Habour Bridge!! It is three times larger than the Titanic. It has an Art gallery on board, HEAPS of swimming pools, theatre and so much more! Pretty impressive! I'd love to have been able to go and visit it on board!!
We did the next best thing... in the morning, Matty and I drove down to Cremorne Point (we wern't the only ones with that idea - busy) to have a look at the worlds biggest ship!
This is the angle we saw it at tho...
So as you can see, i dont think we could really apreciate how big it actually is!! Pretty impressive tho!!

This is a photo from a news paper website.. just to show you how big it looked coming into the harbour very early in the morning!! (i was probably still in be when it was taken! lol)
We also took some happy snaps of our beautiful Sydney seeing as we were there...

In the evening... as usual, on tuesdays Bec and I always go climbing.. so we finished a little early, ordered Pizza (takeaway) and Bec, Kato & i drove back down to Cremorne Point (Matty couldnt finish work early enough to come). The traffic was CrAzY!!! We went down to the Swimming pool down there and kato brought a rug for us to sit on! We sat and had pizza and enjoyed the view...
And then the *firewroks* started... So pretty!!
Xx Jess


marie said...

wow she is big, it would be great to have a walk around the boat but it would take you a week to do it lol
great photo's of you and matt, i miss the water.
wow your night photo's has turn out great.

lusi said...

Fabulous photos Miss Jess! Love em! We wanted to go in and see her but Brett really had to work :( Feel like I saw her though through your shots!
LOVE your layout for week 3 too - man its getting soooooo tough to judge!!!
Lus x

Penelope Crackers said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe the size of that thing! I made my whole family come look at that picture! Beautiful. Wow, Sidney sure is beautiful. I've never been there before, but my dad served a mission there for two years and still loves to talk about it. Thanks for sharing.

saffiertje said...

It is a huge boat! about 12 years ago she was in the harbor of Rotterdam ( the Netherlands
She is hugh! Love to make a trip on it one day...but that will be in ....years from now!
And I think Sidney will be on our list in the future too!

Colleen said...

these are some gorgeous shots. especially that one with the ship with the fuzzy lady in it