Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Holiday Update

Well, i thought i'd put up a little update of my holidays (from work) so far!!
I came down from work on sunday night and Bec and Kato, Matty and I went to DeeWhy RSL for dinner! It was a good night! We always have fun going out to dinner with them!! WE all seem to *laugh* alot!! Love that!!!

On monday, I went to the dietician with bad news that i may have coeliac
disease - but more tests need to be done to confirm, so im just ignoring this at the moment as there is nothing i can do about it at the moment.
Then, in the afternoon Matty came and picked me up and we drove down to Chatswood Chase to go suit shopping for Matty to have a suit to wear to Steve & Eva's wedding (he's the best man). We went to Oxford and got a great suit for 50% off that looks almost the same as Steves!!!
Here's a little sneak peak... but he still has a t-shirt on underneath.. i just got so excited to see Matty in a suit (!!) that i got out my mobile and took a quick snap.

After the suit shopping (which surprisingly didnt take long) Matty bought me my valentines day pressie!!! He thought it would be better to
get something i like and need! SO he bought me these pants that i can wear for indoor climbing!! At the moment, i've been wearing board shorts two sizes too big (with safety pins) so i was in need of some new pants!! I love them!! Thanks Matty!!!

Then on monday night we went to Steve & Eva's for dinner! Eva made a GREAT dinner and for dessert.. chocolate fondue! yuuummmmmm! It was great to see their new kitchen, looks fantastic!!!

On Tuesday I went climbing with Bec (as usual) and we are finally starting to improve since we've started again!! We did a few hard climbs that we completed and one.. that is still a work in progress!! Love climbing!!! And afterwards, Bec, Kato, Ryan, Matty and I went out to dinner to a pub down the road with really yummy food & a great music selection!!!

Today im just waiting for Katie to come over... she's a little late (no surprise there lol) and i was hoping we'd go for a walk along the beach but the weather is changing nooooooooO!!!!!

Okies.. thats about it!! Lots planned for the weekend!!! And im going to the hairdresser on friday!! I hate going to the hairdresser... but i havent been in over ONE year!!! So time to do something!!!
Well, thats about all from me!! Just got a phone call from my friend Michelle!! We are planning to meet up this or next week, which will be nice!!! Love being able to see her and her beautiful baby Jade!!

I've just realised how many exclamation points i've used!! Shows im having a good time!!!

Xx Jess

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marie said...

it's great that you are doing things with your mates, oh matt looks not to bad in a suit lol.
coeliac is something to do with your small intestine, yes /no.
have a great weekend