Thursday, 8 February 2007

Scrapping Mood!

I've been in such a scrapping mood lately!!! I really need to get out there and take some more photos!! Matty & I are planing a day outing to Palm Beach - yep, its only 20km away but we never get up there so we thought instead of going on a looooong drive to get to a beautiful destination for an outing... we'd go a short distance and spend more time having fun!! I'll definately take my camera so i'll have some *fresh* photos to scrap!!

Yesterday was fun with Katie! Unfortunately by the time she actually came over the weather went from sunny and warm to just plain stormy!!! Here's a photo i took from the balcony at about 8pm last night (the photo doesnt do it justice! It literally looked like the sky was *glowing*)

Today I did another layout, its of Cameron who is Matt's youngest nephew, as as you can see from his face, very cute and very cheeky!!!

I recieved an exciting email from the editor of Scrapbooking Memories this week... they are interested in another one of my layouts for the "funk and funky" gallery!!! Im SO excited!!! This is my second consideration!! I hope once i post it off they like it 'in real life'.

I've been enjoying listening to "Sneaky Sound System" while i scrap!! Its got a great beat and keeps me in the mood!! Love it! I find, once i find a CD i like i listen to it for months and months till i discover something else!!!

A big thank you to
Lusi for your kind words on your blog!!!

Thats all the news i've got at the moment... stay tuned!

Xx Jess


marie said...

wow jess i'm so happy for you about the scrap page.
love the new page.

leslie said...

what a grat page! And that picture you took is so awesome, the way the light is diffused like that makes it look like a vintage picture!
I think your hair looks beautiful, but what I want to know is, how do you get awesome arms like that? :)

thanks for stopping by my blog

Rachel Whetzel said...

I love this page! Very nice. Like the hair change, and the poll looks like a fun night out with the girls! Can't wait to see your deck of ME card!


sblogspot said...

Great page. Love the brackets