Thursday, 15 February 2007


Card from Matty:
Hello Everyone!!

So much *news*!!! Firstly.. yesterday i got a beautiful Valentines Day card from Matty, he's not into V day at all, so the card was a real special thought! (and i also got the gym pants - a week early!!!). We didnt see eachother until 8:30pm so we just went out to dinner at DeeWhy RSL! We go there all the time.. i always have the roast - yummo!!

I also got a gift from my friend.. (she doesnt know it yet..) But it made my day to find out my friend is HAVING a BABY!!! Cant give details as its early days!! But you know who you are... CONGRATULATIONS!!! Im so happy for you both!!!
Today i met up with my old school friend Eddie!! We went down to Pro Kayaks, Narrabeen for a kayak!! It was good fun!! We especially had fun swimming around down where the lake meets the sea!! Matty was wroking when we were there so it was nice for Matty to meet Eddie!
Tonight, nothing planned as tomorrow Matty & I are spending the whole day together!!! But i am excited to watch "Saving Babies" on Channel 10, 8pm!!!
oh, also... the photo of the cockatoos.... that on my balcony this morning!!! I couldnt believe there were four of them!!! The one on the far right, was really shy, he must be a young one!! Couldnt resist taking a photo of them!!

Also, a *big* thank you to Lee Woodside who taught me how to put borders onto my photos!!!!
Have a GREAT day!!

Xx Jess


lee woodside said...

hey girl your borders are looking fab!

marie said...

wow jess you have been busy, love the photo of the birds.
i cant wait to see saving babies tonight too.
love marie