Saturday, 17 February 2007

Matt & Jess Day!

Its not often matty and i get the entire day together! So i was real excited when he took the day off work so we could have a Matt & Jess day!!!
We had a *great* day!!!
We got up early and packed a picnic and drove up to Palm Beach!! When we got there, we kinda just drove around to explore and look at all the fancy houses! Then we parked over on the non-beach side and did the nice walk up to the light house.. Such a pretty view up there!! The light house seems like its further than it is, i thought it was going to take us hours to walk up there but the round trip took 1 & 1/2 hours!!
We then had our picnic after working up a big appetite. After that we were going to swim on the beach side of Palm Beach but there was too much sea weed so we drove down to Whale Beach. There was the Blue Bottle caution sine on the beach.. i thought sh*t!! I already got stung just a few days ago.. but i was so hot, we went in anyways (no stings!!! phew!) The water was perfect!!! Loved it!
Then we came home to relax, and Matty went and did a paddle race in Manly! We then went to dinner at DeeWhy RSL and then we went to the late movies...and saw "Dream Girls". Good movie, but there were a few long bits where we wouldnt of minded to press fast forward!
We got home at midnight!
Such a great time!!

Xx Jess


marie said...

wow what a lovely day you had, lucky you.
love the photo's

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess!

I love your BLOG!!!

It is soo cool!

You look so nice at the weddding and you took some great pics!

Missing you!