Sunday, 18 February 2007

The Weekend!

I *love* having weekends off (especially in summer)!!
This saturday I didn't have anything planned... I just went into Warringah Mall and did a spot of shopping! Then came back to Narrabeen and dropped into Pro Kayaks to visit Matty. It was such a nice day I took the Epic V10 Sport out for a test paddle! I really enjoyed the paddle & I felt like i was going so fast, but thats cos on thursday I took a big heavy plastic boat out onto the water!
That evening we had our good friends over for a BBQ! It was great there were eight of us and it was a good evening! We ended up watching a dvd on Primal Quest UTAH... Adventure Race which Matt and Matty.A (who was at the bbq) competed in!! Its good to watch it with them in the room cos you get all the inside goss about the race etc!
Today i met up with Laura for a walk through the Narrabeen Markets! I bought this cute plant... its part of the cactus family (aparently)...

I just thought it was sooooo *cute*!! I also bought a nice top at the bargan price of $20!!! And Laura bought some nice jewlery also at a baragan!!
It was Steve's Bucks Outing today!! (Eva's hens was last weekend) and.... they went to
Action Paint Ball... just wanted to share some photos of the aftermath...

Hope you all had a *great* weekend too!!!??

Xx Jess


marie said...

i always wanted to go and have a go at paint ball, but after the photo of the boys there is not way i will be doing that. how the hell is that fun.

Colleen said...

cute cactus though

but OUCHIE!!!

Gigi said...

that plant is so adorable! such a happy little plant....i want one for myself...too cute

& i'm totally lol @ the paintball funny!!!

Michelle Jamieson said...

Hi Jess,

Thought I'd pop over to your blog and say Hi!
I've played paintball, and can I say it was one of the most painful experiences I've had - except childbirth of course!
I had bruises for 6-8wks!

Love your card art - I'm doing Emily's challenge too. I've put them on my blog pop over and check them out!

Chelle Xx

Brigitta said...

and here I was, thinking that paintball would be fun!! I think I'll give it a miss ;-)

Like your blog, you're on my "daily visits" list now ;-)