Thursday, 15 March 2007

Coeliac Disease

Yesterday I went to a Gastrologist doctor regarding my blood test reults saying I have Coeliac Disease. Well, he said he's 99.999'% sure i've got it but it can only be confirmed by taking 6 biopsies of my gut or bowel or something - eek! So in 3 weeks im going into day surgery to get these biopsies done.
So, i know if i get the diagnosis, which is highly likely, i won't ever again be able to eat foods which contain Gluten :(
Here are some favourites that i'll have to give up:
- pasta

- jatz crackers
- cakes

- breads
- pasteries
- PIZZA (noooooooo!!!)

So im quite concerned as i dont want to have to think about what im eating all the time!! And I really dont want to be one of those "fussy" customers in restaurants!
But on the other hand, once i get diagnosed (and if its positive) i'll be able to go on the gluten free diet and aparently start feeling *great* within a number of weeks - im looking forward to that!! :)

So i guess its bitter sweet!! lol

oh also, seeing as the Op. isn't until 3 weeks away.. i'm cramming in as MUCH gluten yummy stuff that I can!!! hehehe

Sorry to bore you all!! lol

Xx Jess


marie said...

oh jess, that is shit but a good thing too.
i know someone who makes great gluten free bread and sweets lol. just ask

lusi said...

Hey Jess,
Sorry to hear that its coelaic. One of my dearest friends has this and has adjusted her diet a number of years ago. She is a fit and healthy gal though!
Thinking of you and sorry to hear you have to give up so much too.
Take care matey,
Lus x

Gigi said...

omg...i'm so sorry to hear @ this! it totally sucks! but i'll keep good thoughts for you that all goes well & you get it figured out. like you least you will know what to do to feel well...that must be a relief!

take it easy!!

Brigitta said...

this really is a pain Jess, no pasta, no pizza, no pasteries but on the other side, if it makes you feel all fit and healthy again, it's worth it I suppose, still, it sucks. Good luck with the op. And thank you soooo much for your sweet comment, it did me the world of good :-)))

lee woodside said...

Oh sweetie so sorry to hear what is going on. You look after yourself.

Siany said...

Its really sux that you may have to miss out on all that stuff, but think about how GREAT you will start feeling after all that time of being sick!! It must be a relief to have an idea of whats going on in that crazy little body of yours!! Always thinking of ya!! xoxo