Friday, 16 March 2007

Lusi's RAK

Well, last night we were all working nice and hard (At the Swiss Cottage Restaurant) when a familiar face walked throught the door... LUSI!! I hadn't actually met Lusi in person yet, but i recognised her straight away!! Lusi, it was fantastic to meet you (finally) in real life!! John, Sian, Marie and I were so excited you dropped by!!
I was also lucky enough to get a RAK (which I only learn't last night what it meant... Random Act of Kindess) from Lusi!! It was so excitng!! It felt like christmas!!
A *big* thank you to Lusi for all the goodies!!

Here's what I got:

- felt
- stickers
- stamps
- a door hanger
- brads (heard shape)
- ribbon
- sandpaper
- confetti shapes
- tags
- a note book to keep a record of every thing i use on layouts! (great idea!!)
- chip board
& - thread!

How exciting!!! *thankyou*

We all cant wait to meet up for some scrpbooking or just to have some fun all together!!
Xx Jess


Siany said...

Yeah Lus! Was great to see you!!

Jess, your so lucky with all those great goodies!! Cant wait to see what you do with them!!


marie said...

hey it was good to see lusi (hi)
wow there are heaps of goodies

judith said...

Congratz on the RAK! It looks really great!

lusi said...

Hey Jess! I'm just soooooooooo pleased you enjoyed your RAK! LoL! i had such a lovely time and my goodness that FONDUE was so delicious! It was great to see you ALL there - totally made my week! Let's scrap together soon, k?
Enjoy playing!
Lus x

Brigitta said...

aren't RAK's the greatest?!!