Wednesday, 11 April 2007

How Funny...

How Funny!! After doing Emily Falconbridge's card on "birds" look who came to visit this afternoon!!
Its the first time the cockatoo has actually sat on my lap! Ususally they just sit on the rail or if they are feeling brave they come and sit next to me!
I looked after gorgeous baby Jade today. It was good fun! She is really a great baby. She did real well with her solids! I didnt go well with the bottle feed but the tube makes you feel at ease cos you know she is at least getting the food in!
Such a cutie!

I hung out with Matty a bit this afternoon! We just hung at home! He took the photos of me with the birds! He's off for a run now until we both go out (him paddling, me climbing)

Have a great evening!
Xx Jess


Siany said...

OMG you have a whole menagerie!! LOL Nice pics!! xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
i now read your blog at uni as a form of procrastination and cause i miss you !
talk to you soon
p.s you can still have Jen pizzas- i saw some gluten free pizza bases the other day and thought of you..

lisa said...

Hey Jess, I see you have kookaburras too, how wonderful to have all these birds come visit you like this, I could'nt try to entice ours to come closer because of the cats..they'd be breakfast I'm afraid.
It's now been 6 weeks..though it seems a lot longer..since I gave up smoking :)

Penelope Crackers said...

That is so amazing! I love these photos.

Kate said...

WOW Jess the pics are fantastic. You are so lucky. I love those birds.

marie said...

wow how cool is that, i would of been so scared