Friday, 13 April 2007

On the farm...

Here are some photos from my parents farm! My Mum has 5 goats and makes the best Goats Cheese (we sell it in the restaurant). Three of the goats are pregnant at the moment.. and i think the kids will be born around August! I cant wait! They are so cute when they are babies!

This is Mum with Princess who is pregnant, she is so fat (the goat) I recon she's having twins!

This is me with Shaggy - She's the 'leader of the pack'. Im grabbing on to her goatie!! hehe

Mum again, with Bijoux (on the left), Princess and Shaggy getting in the way of the photo!

Me giving Shaggy a pretend kiss! lol (oh, Shaggy is pregnant again too)

Our Ducks, We've had them since they hatched in december (their mum was actually a chook!!)We have to give them away tho as they are aparently all boys!

Our Roster.. if you look back a few of my posts ago and see my "happy easter" post.. you will see him (or his sibling) in a photo under the Hen! He was also born in december!

Well, just wanted to do a post with photos in it!! Today Sian and I also went to the Scenic railway and did the boardwalk down the bottom!! It was cold down there where its almost impossible for the sun to shine through! It was good fun!
Tomorrow Bec and Kato are coming up for a wedding for thier friend and they are stay with us at mum and dads! Will be good to have them over!! Hope the mountain weather doesnt get too cold!

have a great weekend everyone!
Xx Jess


mamy said...

OH!!nice photoes thoses goat are sooo sili anyway today the rooster sang for the first time .His beautiful Jessy we can see that shaggy love you lets hope her babies will be girls you can bottle feed them have a good day

Siany said...

I cant believe how huge those goats are!! Gosh Im scared of them! LOL

Was great fun today!! Thanks!! Shame about the photos we took... LOL


Kate said...

Aah what cute goats. They're gorgeous. You look SO like your Mum. Looks like you had a fab time. The pics are great. Loads of scrapping material there!! Especially the one of you and shaggy kissing LOL Shaggy looks so cuddley. LOl :-)

Colleen said...

how fun!!!! great pics! and i can't believe those birds below. awesome!!!

Sarah said...

Hi Jess, I just found your blog while blog your work!! I'm a Northern Beaches girl too :)

Brigitta said...

I would love to try that cheese, guess I'd have to fly out to Australia for that though hahahaha.
My grandfather used to have goats, but he had them for fun and do shows with, he even sold one of his goats to Saudie-Arabia (like 30 years ago I think)
Can't share your fascination with birds, don't like them one little bit brrrr.

Anonymous said...

thanks jess for those kind comments, I am really looking forward to getting the hang of this new camera.
What do you mean by' the duck's mother is a chook'? surely not..
my dh had goats whhen he was a kid, he's always talking about getting goats, he loves them.

marie said...

wow great photo's jess

Paula said...

Great pics. My favourite dish is Roasted Mediteranean vegetables with goats cheese. I just can't get enough of the stuff!!!