Monday, 23 April 2007

Minou back in 1992

Matt & I were doing a bit of tidying around the house last night as there was nothing on TV! And i came across this photo of my cat Minou way back in 1992! He is still alive and is 17 years old now, so he is a little more fragile and a bit sore so we cant just do whatever we want with him anymore (although, he is still happy to be all dressed up).
Back when he was younger he absoutley loved being all dressed up and played with! I used to dress him up all the time like this and sometimes i'd do it in the morning.. go on off to school and when i'd get home in the afternoon Minou would be fast asleep in the dolls pram still fully dressed!
Puuurfect cat!
Xx Jess
Look at him with his bib, nappy and socks!!


marie said...

very cute photo.
MINOU is a very lovely cat.

Siany said...

He is a beautiful kitty isnt he?! And he has barely changed, judging by the pic! And just quietly, I think he still loves his wooly jackets!! xx

mamy said...

and now is full of worm and me too!!! and his giving me the *&%$!@#@but we love him

Nicole said...

What a stunningly beautiful cat!!! Love Minou's colors and stripes. WOW!!!

None of my kitties like to be dressed up :) Minou must be a truly sweet, patient cat!