Wednesday, 9 May 2007

My first full day nannying Jade...

I had my first full day at looking after Jade today and she was just gorgeous!!! She is the CUTEST baby with the best personality! She is always smiling and happy!! We had lots of fun together!!
Here are some photos i took (most of them i took with my mobile phone camera so they aren't the best quality, but i love her little facial expressions)

Jade taking her afternoon nap
Look at that gorgeous & a little bit cheeky smile!!

Jade & Jess "selfie"

Look at her cute little tongue!

I wish i was that flexible! hehe


Siany said...

She is so gorgeous!! She looks so much older already! And I guess thats a really good thing for her. Shes so lucky to have you looking after her as I know how much you love babies, so I know you'll do such a good job. Cute little selfie btw!! xx Siany

a little about me and my life said...

she is so gorgeous!

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

have a fab. day.

Anne Thompson said...

Awwe, so cute! What a fun job to be a nanny to such a cute baby!

Esther said...

So cute!! So adorable. Have fun together. Love, es.

marie said...

who's having more fun you or the baba

mamy said...

what a cuty and with the best baby sitter in the world .jade a grandit bravo mamy