Monday, 7 May 2007


Today I decided to take my camera and take a few shots around Narrabeen. The reason for this:
For Christmas Matty bought me a *huge* framed photo of Narrabeen. The photo was taken in 1950. Its great to see the change! So today I decided to go and take a photo from 2007 of the same view as in the photo. Many trees have grown in the last 50 years!! I think i'll need to go back up the hill and try and attempt to take another panoramic shot...
So here are both shots..

My framed photo of Narrabeen (taken in the 1950s)

Narrabeen in 2007

I also went into North Narrabeen and took a photo looking back down onto Narrabeen where the ocean flows into the lagoon!
Here is that photo:

North Narrabeen

Just thought i'd share the photos of the beautiful place i call home!
Xx Jess


marie said...

wow great idea to go back to the place, wow you would think that there would be more houses around now, it's so nice to see it's greener now, if you know what i mean,in the 1950 it looked plain.


Wow! Great pictures! I loved them!!
You are a very good photografer too. Congratulations!
Kisses, my friend!

-- Nati

Melli M said...

How beautiful, Jess!! I just tagged you btw!
x Mel

Siany said...

GREAT photos Jess!! It really is sich a beautiful country we live in and youre so lucky to live in two very
different parts of it!

Those photos are amazing and its so cool to see the diff between now and then!


PS Are you going to enlarge it to the same size as the framed one?? hehe

monique said...

oh nice shots monique

Courtney said...

These are beautiful! I like where I live but it certainly doesn't compare looks-wise to your home.