Monday, 13 August 2007

Our Holiday in Perth!!

Well, we've been back for almost a week already and i havent had a chance to blog about our great holiday in Perth!!
We had an awesome time!! I had never been to Perth before! I loved it!!! What a beautiful and clean city!!!
So i thought i wont write too much.. i'll just show you our holiday in pictures...
Our main reasons for going to Perth was so Matty and our good friend Kato could compete in the
Mulitplex Avon Descent. Which is a race where competitors challenge the Avon and Swan rivers in a variety of paddle and power craft in an exciting two-day time trial over 134 gruelling kilometres!!
I was the support crew for both the boys.. so i had to drive and meet them at various check points to see how they were going, cheer them on and feed them!! I was pretty stressed - lol!
Day one: both boys did real well


Day two: um, well matty fell out at the top of a rapid which lead to his boat being cracked which me managed to fix.. but it cos matty a good place in the race but he managed to finish.
Kato, on the other hand.... well had crashed into another kayak on the way down a rapid.. and his legs got jammed into his kayak and he was stuck in his kayak in the middle of the rapid for about 3 minutes! Scary!! So he had to pull out of the race.. due to a broken kayak....

Kato's kayak

The boys looking closely at the dammage

Close up of one bit of dammage (there's lots more)

Matty's Blister after two days of racing! Ouch!!

After the race Matty and I went and discovered a bit of Perth! We visited the Freemantle Gaol, which was reall interesting! We also visited a submarine (yawn) I think it was boring cos of the guide we had!! We spent a whole day in Freemantle - LOVE it there! So many beautiful buildings!!!
Here are some pics....

View of Perth from Kings Park

In Freemantle

We stayed in real crapy hotel rooms up until the last night where we went and stayed by the beach in Scarburgh - nice!

the sunset over the Ocean!I love going on holidays!!! Cant wait for my next holiday!!!!
Xx Jess


Nicole said...

What an adventure!!! It looks like you had fun, even with the kayak problems :)

The sunset photo is spectacular!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time - can't wait to hear of your next holiday! xo

Siany said...

Thats such a shame that BOTH boys kayaks got cracked (or ripped to pieces in Katos case..). But congrats to Matty for finishing!! It sounds painful (and looks it, judging by tha huge blister!!).
Love your Fremantle pics!! Those walls are just b-e-a-utiful!! lol!! Great sunset photos - I love the way the beams are shining!!
Glad to hear you had a good time!! Must have been nice to have a holiday together!!


Oh, great shots, Jess!
I got excited just looking at them.

leewoodside said...

Hey Jess great to see you home safe and sound.

marie said...

wow Jess the photo's are amazing.
Glad you had a great time, everyone needs to have a hoilday once in a while. well done to Matt on finishing the race even with a sore finger.
LOve the photo of the wall.

Rach H said...

oohh green jelly here!!
I LOVE Perth!!
looks + reads like you had a busy but a great time!
bummer about the kayak + oowwweee the blister + yay a finish!!

Sarah Youde (AKA monroegirl) said...

Lovely photos, it looks like you had a brilliant time.

Peggy Severins said...

Love those pictures, esp. the last one. What a bummer that both the kayaks broke.

Sandie said...

Great pictures, it sounds like you had a brilliant time.

Tamara Nicole said...

Looks like a lot of fun despite the damaged kayaks! I love vacations!!! Also, this guy I dating and I are going to start rock climbing soon! Can't wait


You've got some fabulous photos!!
BTW I love your play it foward pic...that's amazing.

BrigitteS said...

Ohhh waowww ! that looks like a fannnnntastic holiday !! well, cept for the broken kayak and....the awful blister (i feel for him ...eeeks !!)
but heyyyy, a holiday is a holiday, it's always nice to get away and discover new places !!
Good to see you back sound and safe !!

Anonymous said...

I would'nt mind seeing more photos, I've never been to Perth.

Janice said...

Wow, what a great vacation!! Sorry to here about the broken kayak and Matty's blister (ouch!). Kayaking looks like fun but I don't think I could get over the fear of getting stuch under water and not being able to get out of the kayak! :-P

Thanks for playing the guessing game on my blog! I really loved your answers!!! BTW. what's a WARATAH?

Paula said...

Fabulous pictures, Jess.
Love the ones of the two of you together. Scrap fodder!

Vee said...

amazing pics and ouch on the blister!!

Anna M-W said...

Great pics! I'm sorry about all the mishaps with the kayaks!