Friday, 10 August 2007

Tag... You're it!!!

I have been tagged by the lovely Kate and i have to say... i really love this tag! Its a great way to get people sending off regular mail.. so that when you check your letter box there aren't only bills in there!!!!
The rules are easy!!
1) Send ONE card to someone you know within 7 days! (family, friends, associates, cyber people, etc.) ANYONE!!! Doesn't matter who... just do it. Can you imagine the smile on their face when they open their mailbox and see a card from you?
2) Tag (yes, I know, but this is the only way to spread this) 5 people you know to do the same thing (Tag means tag them to send their own cards to their own people).

3) Proudly display this on your blog to spread a little sunshine and pass it on.

So here goes...
I tag you...
Siany, Anna, Lisa, Gigi & Nicole!!!
Have fun with this tag!! And remember.. sending and/or recieving a card can brighten your day!!
Xx Jess


Siany said...

Yippee!! Thanks for the tag Jess!! Now who shall I send a card to??? xoxo

Anna M-W said...

Thanks for the tag. What a great idea! I'll do this this weekend!

Anne Thompson said...

What a cool idea. I love getting happy mail instead of just bills.


Oh, that's cool!!
And Jess, I have to say, you are a very special person!

Gigi said...

ooooh!! cool tag!

love sending some happy mail :)

happy weekend jess!!!

Kate said...

Glad you like the tag Jess :-)

I Love your butterfly and have just added one to my blog, so cool.

Nicole said...

This is fun! Okay :) Cool!!! Thanks, Jess!!! xo