Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Baby Kaia...

Last Week (yep, its taken me a week to put these up!!) I went to visit daria and little Kaia in hospital! He is now about 9 weeks old and has the most gorgeous smile!!! He weighs in at close to 1.5kg and is so so so cute!! Such a beautiful baby!! He's out of ICU now and is doing so well "high five Kai!!"
Daria looks great and is the best mum ever!!!
I'll stop going on and on now.. cos as you know... i just had to take some happy snaps!!

a very proud mummy

fast asleep in his mum's arms

awe!!! he can wear little outfits now!! (size 00000)

sweet dreams


jo said...

so super adorable! :)

Siany said...

Hes so cute! And looking so well! Daria looks so happy to be able to hold him! So good to hear hes out of ICU! xx

Natália Corrêa de Almeida said...

Oh my God, I'm missing you so much!!
Just came here to say hello. Now my life is reeeeally busy! I'm studying in the new university, going to start in a job and taking care of the wedding's stuffs... Wow!
But I love you!!



Sharmaine said...

Oh so tiny! Gorgeous photos. Hope they are home soon

Anna M-W said...

Awww! So precious!