Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Jen & Jesse's Wedding 16.9.07

On Sunday Matty and I flew up to Brisbane to go to Jen and Jesse's wedding! They were so lucky with the weather it was so warm and sunny! They got married in the beautiful botanical gardens and then the reception was in this really cute little restaurant! The food was yummy - we had a choice of 3 entree's and 3 mains and the most yummy cheese platter where i have now discovered my mose favourite cheese ever... "tallegio".
Jen looked so beautiful in her wedding dress! Its ereally suited her!! Jen and Jess looked so happy!!!
It was really a great wedding!
**Congratulations** to Jen and Jess!!!!
Im not going to write too much more about it cos i want to show you all in pictures...

Jen 'walking down the isle'


with her dad

the bride and groomcute little flower girlJen and her Sister

"i do" "you may kiss the bride"

the bouquet

the official part! Jen signing...

Jess signing bride & groom having a special moment

I love this photo! They look so happy!

Rachy and Cameron going to pose for the photo but headbutted themselves instead!! "ouch"

take two...

Jen's brand new little neice.. so cute!! I got to have a cuddle at the reception!!


Me, Jen and Rachy! together again!!!

The beautiful cake!

cutting of the cakeWe got some yummy chocolate love hearts!!! Im excited!Rachy and Cameron a little later in the night!

Matty and I! Um no... my head isnt usually that much bigger than matts!! lol!

So, as you can see from all the photos.. the bride looked beautiful, the groom looked proud and a great time was had by all!!
Xx Jess


Brigitte said...

Hey Jess !!
Wowwww !! sooo beautiful photos of the bride and groom ! Stunning dress and oh my..... that cake looks sooooo awesome, it would have been difficult to decide when to cut it bcos it looks so perfect !!!
Now i know why you were quiet on your blog !! :)

Siany said...

Jen looks beautiful and it looks like it was a lovely wedding!! Must have been nice to see everyone again, and to have a mini holiday!! Matt looks so young in that photo!! And the headbutt photo is hilarious!!

Esther said...

Looks like you had so much fun. And the bride and groom are so pretty. I just love weddings (especially mine, hihi) I'll bet you're gonna scrap so off those wonderful pictures. Love, es

Janice said...

Hey, Jess! First off, congratualtions on getting published!!!!!!!! Those layouts were amazing!!!!

Looks like you guys had a fun time at the wedding! I love the cake!!!

BTW, I have a little contest going on my blog so stop over! Later!

P.S. Seen any waratahs lately? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Jess. I love the bridesmaid dresses, beautiful pastel shade.

Karin said...

Beautiful photos! What a lovely wedding.
I like your layout "red love". I often use white cardstock and like it very much.

Tamara Nicole said...

I love weddings! Great photos, looks like you guys all had a blast!!!

scrappermimi said...

The pictures are beautiful and that cake just too yummy.

Anne Thompson said...

beautiful pics Jess! Weddings are sooooo much fun.

butterfly said...

What a beautiful wedding. Lovely pictures you shared with us.Espescialy the cake is very special.greetings from Holland

Marjolein said...

What a beautiful pictures Jess, you can see you all had a wonderful day!

Hey, I miss you at Em's challenge??

Pam said...

wow - your photos are stunning!

Rhonda said...

Stunning!!!! You did a great job :)

Anna M-W said...

Great pics!

Congrats to your friends!