Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Family Road Trip..

Hello Everyone!!
Im back from my holiday with my Mum and Dad!
It was good fun! Its been years since we went on a holiday together!!
So, warning.. this will be a loooong post but i promise to put in lots of photos to keep it interesting!!!

Day 1.
Mum & Dad came and picked me up in Narrabeen to start the long road trip up to Armidale for my friend Mandy's wedding. But the wedding was the following saturday so we had 5 days before we had to be up there!!
I had one request.. i really wanted to go into Newcastle because there is an amazing shop I discovered up there a few years ago and I just had to go visit it again.. so firstly before Newcastle we stopped and had a picnic in a picnic area.. and then.. Newcastle to go to Guanabana!! I was so pleased to find the shop was still there! My parents both said it was a great and different from everywhere else kind of shop!! I didn't end up buying anything this time.. but i'll definately be making the trip back up to it soon!!
So, we hopped back into the car and we ended up staying a in posh hotel in Shoal Bay, and we had dinner in its buffet (gross!! you know when food has been sitting there for so long it gets all crusty.. it was like that)

This is my Mum & Dad the next morning after sleeping in the hotel.. on the hotel balcony - nice view, and perfect weather!!

Me down at the beach, still a little cold to swim i thought!!

Day 2.
So, we left Shoal Bay after breakfast and drove up to Foster, and arrived there in the early afternoon! We found a cabin to sleep in...

had a bite to eat... and then went to explore Foster!! I liked it a lot better than Shoal bay & Nelson Bay! I liked the town and the shops (again, not that i bought anything - besides suncream)! Mum and I went and hired some kayaks and went kayaking around this island.. we thought we were lost for a bit of it, so we ended up turing around and going back the way we came! It was so nice! The water was crystal clear! Then we went back to the park and Mum & Dad cooked dinner on the BBQ! We also went for a walk and I took these piccies...

This was a tiny stroll down from our cabin...

Same view, but this time at sunset

Day 3 & 4.
Today we left foster early again.. and headded all the way up to Nambucca Heads! (My favourite place we stayed on our trip!!) We found the best little caravan park right by the sea!!

Inside the cabin

View from the cabin
We stayed here for two nights! The beach and lagoon thingy were beautiful and we were up north for it to be warm enough to swim, which we did!! Mum and I also went and bought a blow up boat and a blow up matress to swim in the water with!! So much fun!!! We found a great place to each and ate there on both days for lunch!
There was also a lot of wild life around...

A goanna - it was HUGE!

LOOK at all the Dolphins!!!! Here I am in the boat we bought... ahhh, so relaxing!! We actually spent more time swimming out in the beachy lagoon bit not where this photo is taken! Day 5 & 6.
We had to leave paradise to drive up to destination... Armidale! We stopped in Belingen & Dorigo on the way there. Belingen was nice. When we arrived in Armidale we spent the day looking around and found a cafe that serves Gluten Free meat pies! Mum and I were very excited about that!!
We checked into our hotel (which had deers there!!) and i met up briefly with Moo who had exciting news that she's having a baby!!!
So on Saturday (the wedding day) Mum and I went to a girls champagne brekkie and then met up with dad and we went around Armidale again. The wedding was in the evening and Mum and I were taking the photos!! I will do a whole post about the wedding in a couple of days with photos and all. Here's one of the lovely bride and groom....

Mandy and PauloIt was a beautiful wedding!!!

Day 7.
We left Armidale and did a long drive.. I had a big headache unfortunately so it wasnt a fun day! We stayed the night in Terrigal and went to a yummy posh restaurant for dinner!

Day 8.
Home Sweet Home. With lots of photos to look at and friends to catch up with!!
It was a very good holiday!
Thanks Mum and Dad!!!


Siany said...

AWESOME photos!! So beautiful!! Looks like you had a relaxing holiday!! And also looks like you stayed in some beautiful places!! Cant wait to see more photos of the wedding!! Glad you had a nice time!!

Marjolein said...

Wow Jess, you live in a beautiful country!! I've never been there, although an aunt lives in Adelaide... who knows, maybe someday.....

Rachel Whetzel said...

Your photos are stunning! Welcome home!!

judith said...

WOW Jess that looks stunning!! Love it, but it also nice to have you back in bloggerworld!!

Anonymous said...

My mother-in-law used to live in Foster and we did a trip up there a couple years ago so a few of these place names are places we went to.
Did'nt go to Nambucca Heads though..did you see the Vee Wall?
That goanna was huge!
Can't wait to see more shots. It all looks so beautiful. Don't we live in a wonderful country?
Thanks for the comments on the book, there'll be more tomorrow.

Brigitte said...

Woww !! looks like an aweesome holliday you had there Jess !! beautiful photos with beautiful views !!
and that goanna for a second, had to really really read you bcos i thought it was a ...crocodile climbing a palm tree....doh...yeah right !! hehehe !!
Welcome back home !!