Monday, 12 November 2007

Hello and Good Bye!

Well, Matty is back from his race in New Caledonia. They unfortunately had to pull out due to injury. So disappointing for them seeing as they won it last time. But Matty is nice and tanned and brought home some nice photos!! I really want to go to New Caledonia for a holiday!! Looks like a beautiful island!!

The Team before the start: from left to right... Matty, (im not sure who that man next to him is, maybe the race organiser?!) Mikey, Immogen & Matty.A

Look! Part of the race involves trekking!!!! If you look closley at the photo you can see a team dressed in white ahead.. thats where they are headding towards!! So far!!!

Its good to have Matty home!!!

Last night my friend Daria, Marty and there gorgeous baby were going to come for a visit but thanks to my stupid phone.. they went to Manly instead!! But they are going to come and visit again soon .... we CANT WAIT to have you guys over and see little Kaia!! yay!!!

Today.. im off on a road trip with my mum and dad!! Its been years since i've been on a holiday with them!! We are driving up to Armidale for one of my friends wedding on saturday! So we are going to take our time and visit lots of places on the coast on our way up! Im looking forward to our little road trip!!
In which case.. I'd better go pack before mum and dad get here or i'll be in trouble (heheheh)!!

John and Siany... Have fun up in Qld!! Say hi to your dad from me Siany!!

Have a good week everyone!!! I'll be blogging next week with lots of photos and holiday/wedding news!!
Till then...

Xx Jess


Siany said...

Its a shame they had to pull out, but hopefully they enjoyed the time they were there?! That is a great photo!

Have a great time in Armidale! AND the road trip too!! lol! Would be fun with your parents!! I think you all deserve some time off!!

Will chat to you next week!! :(


Tamara Nicole said...

Have a great road trip! Can't wait to hear about it, I love roadtrips!!!!

Brigitte said...

Hi Jess !!
well, have a fantastic and cool holiday with your parents !! will catch-up with u when you get back and to hear all about it with plenty of fotos to share huh ? :)

Anna M-W said...

Sorry they had to pull out of the race!

Have a good time with your parents.

I miss you girl!

Esther said...

hi girlie, o I am so sorry you didn't hear from me all this time. I've been so busy. Your blog looks so wonderful. And the new LO's for the magazine.... so great!!! Today is my last day at my work so hopefully I will have more time to scrap and blog! Lots of love, es

Mel said...

have a great trip Jess!!!

Anne Thompson said...

Shame they had to pull out. How is he feeling? Hope you had fun on your road trip!