Thursday, 24 January 2008

Art Journal Challenge - Week Forty...

hahaha, silly me!
I actually did the week 41 prompt twice..

The prompt for this week:
"not anymore"

I actually made this for the "magic carpet" prompt but I figured I could use it for this one too.... Matty and I went to Hamilton Island a few years ago on a holiday! Matty actually WON the accommodation, so it really was a great trip! We've wanted to go again since however, the price is way too extreme.. thats where the "not anymore" comes in... I dont think we'll be going there again in a while! Boohoo! :)



1 comment:

Siany said...

Love the invisible card ;)
WIsh I could be relaxing in the sunshine - even in Katoomba!! Im sure you'll get back to Hamilton Island SOMEday!!