Thursday, 24 January 2008

Art Journal Challenge - Week Thirty Nine...

Well, im trying to catch up with my Art Journal Challenge of 2007 hosted by Emily Falconbridge!
I thought this was the greatest idea and I really want to have 52 cards in my tin asap!!!

The prompt for this week: "someone spesh! (special that is)"

Easy! My good friend Daria gave birth to her gorgeous little boy 13 weeks early. He weighed 870grams when he was born.
You should see him now! Six months old and a happy, healthy and gorgeous little baby!! He's so special!




Debbie said...

Your card is perfect for the "spesh" challenge. What a cutie pie! Won't be long until you'll be scrapping pics of your special little one! I am playing catch up too and posted #'s 41 & 49 today. Only eleven to go, haha...

Siany said...

He is special! Such a beautiful baby! Glad to hear hes happy and healthy!