Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Baby Shopping!

On monday the 8th January my Mum and I went down to leichhardt cos we heard of a big baby sale at this shop... Seeing as im only 5 months pregnant we were kind of going to see if we could get some good deals not buy lots and lots but we did get carried away and saved a bundle too!! So i definately think it was worth it!! Plus two of the things i picked have an 8 week wait on them so that made me real happy to think i didnt leave it too long!

What i bought:
A Cot that has a drawer underneath. Usual Price $649.00. We Paid $349!
A Matress for the cot. $149
A Matress Protector. Usual Price $29. We Paid $24.65!

A 'Steelcraft' Stroller. Price $169. We Paid $134!
I just wanted a simple, small stroller that would easily fit in my car boot and in shops without any hassle and I really liked this one as the baby capsule (below) clicks right into it too!!

A Safe'n'sound Unity Carrier Carseat. Price $299. We Paid $249!

Although this means we will have to buy another carseat once the baby is over 12kg, I really wanted one of these as we live on the 2nd floor of our apartment and I thought it would be great for transporting a newborn from the car, up so many stairs without potentially waking it up. Plus I like that it clicks into the stroller!!! :)

A Travel Cot. Price $109. We paid $ 79! (bargan!!!)
A Chest of Drawers that also has the change table part on top. Price$ 649. We Paid $499!
A Change Pad. $28.90
A Bouncer (that vibrates and plays music!) It will actually be from my brother, but it was 1/2 price so we thought he'd probably apreciate it if we bought it then!! :) Price $99. We Paid $49!

A Set of Cot Sheets. Price $49.95. We Paid $42.46!
A Cot Blanket. Price $25. We Paid $20.40!
A Pretty Cot Blanket. Price $69.95. We Paid $59.46!
(we just bought one kind of set of sheets as we dont know if its a boy or girl yet so we bought some neutral tones so the cot is all ready when the baby gets home!)

All up, we saved $641.93!!! So i think it was definately worth it!! I have to add that my parents paid for it all!!!! We are so grateful and SPOILET!!!! Thanks so much Mum and Dad!!!
I will go and buy all the other little bits and pieces before the little one comes!! I cant wait!!!! Still 4 months to go!!!

Sorry if this post had a lot of 'facts and figures' I just really wanted to jot it all down for my own records too!!!

Mum and I spent about 4 hours in that shop! (we did leave the shop and have lunch too!) I did research before we got there so I had a fair idea of what I wanted! I knew I wanted that stroller, but I hadnt seen it in 'real life' yet, but when I did I was happy! Also the cot, i knew i wanted a drawer underneath.. so I researched those and Im happy with the one we found!

Matty is happy with everything that we recieved!! He wants to build the cot up now, but im not sure as I dont want it to get dirty or dusty before the baby comes!

This is me with only some of the goodies we bought on the day!! As you can see.. I was exhausted afterwards!!! haha!
Xx Jess


Siany said...

Yay! I bet its feeling more and more real now! You guys got some awesome bargains!! So so exciting!!
Cant wait to see your little nursery all set up!!

Marjolein said...

Yeah..... I can see your tummy growing!! What a great deals you've made, wonderful and very useful stuff!!! Show some pictures when you do set up some of the furniture ok?


Magpie said...

Whew--how did you get it all home!!! You got some great bargains on the essentials, though. Good job!

Cricket said...

wow! congrats to you on your pregnancy, how fabulous! I remember when I was pg and buying things for my baby, it's sooo much fun! Enjoy!


Debbie said...

Oh what fun! It makes me happy to see you so happy :) Thanks for sharing...

Lori said...

How fun!!! You HAVE to love baby shopping!!! You got some great deals girl!!

judith said...

That is so cool for you! Love this picture, I can indeed see your tummy growing!

Esther said...

O my dear. what a lot of stuff and what a lot of money. Simpley forgot who expensief everything is. To bad you life so far away, still have some babythings standing here. Have fun with unwrapping!

Love, es

Mel said...

It's sooo exciting getting ready for your new little person ,isn't it??!!! Looks like you did the wise thing going to that sale!!
So excited for you guys!! You look gorgeous, btw!!

Anne Thompson said...

Wow, what GREAT deals! And how awesome of your Mom and Dad to get you guys started, what a blessing!

lisa said...

You did really well, love getting bargains :D You can always set the cot up then cover it with a sheet so it won't get dusty.

lisa said...

You did really well, love getting bargains :D You can always set the cot up then cover it with a sheet so it won't get dusty.

Brigitte said...

Heyyy Jessy !! looks like you did really well there !!! lol !!
well you know, bargain or not, it's your first baby so, he/she deserves really the very best ~!!!

Anna M-W said...

You got some great deals!

Edgar said...
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