Friday, 29 February 2008

A *new* look....

Hi Everyone!
I thought my blog was in need of a 'new look' seeing as i've been blogging for over a year!! lol! I even managed to make a banner! Im not too sure of this one.. but it'll do till i get round to making a nicer one!!

Last night I created this layout:

"sj friends"
And before I go... i'll share with you a photo taken one afternoon of some visitors I had on my balcony!! eight of them!!! Usually i'll get one or two Cockies every afternoon, but it looked like a family reunion that day!! hehe!Xx Jess


Sharmaine said...

Gorgeous banner!
Gorgerous layout!
Have a great weekend :)

butterfly said...

Lookes very nice, that new banner. The picture of the birds is also great.

Linda said...

I love your little visitors. How fun and great pic of them. Very pretty lo too, love the design, KI, all of it. They new banner is nice too. I need to redo my site as well, it has been a while. Have a great day. Oh, just saw your adorable butterfly too that goes across the screen...How did you do that?

Esther said...

Hi there,
Great new look on your blog and what a wonderful banner. Love the picz of your belly.

Gorgeous LO you made

Have a great weekend
Love, es

Siany said...

I love your new blog look! Fabulous! And your layout is so pretty! Love the lace cardstock and stunning models lol!
Your banner looks great!

Nicole said...

Your blog looks awesome, gorgeous LO too. OMG your on the home stretch too. only 12 weeks to go.

Anne Thompson said...

Love the new look of your blog!! It's fun to change it up sometimes hey? Lovin the Lo of you and Siany, she seems like a great friend. I love the chipboard you used too, who make that? And I can't believe you have cockateils visit you in your backyard! Lucky you!

Tamara Nicole said...

Lovin your page, I'm getting the itch to scrap more now, just got a ton of fun stuff and want to find time to play:-) Very cute!

lisa said...

Love the new look and that layout. Hope you stay friends forever.

Kate said...

Love your banner Jess and the LO is adorable. The birds are just SO cute, are they tame??
Hope you're feeling better now, please take it easy {{{HUGS}}}

Gigi said...

awww jess i love the new banner!
& look at you & sian! lovely lovely layout

& omgosh those birdies just make me smile! look at them all lined up!