Thursday, 6 March 2008


Yep! You read right... hiccups! Last night our little bump had hiccups!!! It was very amusing for Matty and I to feel and watch my belly hopp up & down in rythm! Then I felt sorry for 'it' cos it must feel awful to have the hiccups!!!
Last week I went for the routine GTT test (for gestational diabetes) which I didn't pass, so earlier this week I went for the Oral GTT. Im still waiting on the results... FINGERS CROSSED all is okay!!!

Today I went into Target to get out of the house for a bit. And there was a manchester sale on.. Perfect! For my birthday last week, I asked Mum & Dad, if they didn't know what to get me.. could they get me some sheets for my bed. Mum wasn't sure waht to get so she gave me money, so with the money I bought these (excuse the bad photo)...

A *huge* thankyou also to Sharmaine! I won the RAK on her blog and my prize was this month's QTea Kit!!! (So exciting!!) And to make it more exciting Sharmaine is the guest designer over at QTea this month!! Cant wait to see her creations!! Thanks Heaps!!!
Here is a piccie of all the goodies in the kit...Hope all is well with everyone!!
Xx Jess


Sharmaine said...

Oh I remember those hiccups!!!
Can't wait to see your creations either!!! I used some of my kit today (yes it turned up today) and made a layout already :) :) Very cool stuff!!
Love the doona cover, I keep asking for a new one but it just hasn't happened.. might have to ask more lol

Siany said...

I *love* your quilt cover!! SO SO Pretty!! And you did well picking neutral colours!
Have fun with your Qtea kit!!
And try drinking a glass of water upside down - maybe that will stop baby hiccups! lol!
*fingers crossed* for your GTT!

Linda said...

love the quilt cover, looks like fun. Hope the hiccups don't get too bad, cuz it does get uncomfy for mummy too. Fingers crossed for you on the test.

Esther said...

Hiccups in your belly are so cool. Loved the feeling. Good luck with your test and I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Love the RAK you've got. Great stuff. Can't wait to see what you will create of it.

Have a great weekend.
love, es

Anna M-W said...

Nice stash!!!