Monday, 11 February 2008

Our, um... holiday!!! ;)

So I really did think I had a *great* idea for Matty and I to go on a last holiday before the baby comes! Too bad the weather didnt co-operate!! lol!
We drove up to Forster late sunday night so we start our holiday in our destination!! We stayed in a cabin in a cute Pirate Themed caravan park! Cheap too ($75 a night!). We woke up to rain, rain and more rain! So we went to look around the shops - I got a little something for you John and Sian for your housewarming!! In the afternoon, we went to the movies and saw "death at a funeral". For dinner, i went to coles and bought stuff for a BBQ whilst Matt took the surf ski out for an hour paddle. We cooked our BBQ in the rain - hahahah! That night we played Scategories and watched So You Think You Can Dance on teli (LOVE that show!!!). We went to sleep with the gorgeous sound of rain bucketing down on the tin roof - which I actually love, seeing as we live in an apartment and we rarely get to hear the rain unless its a huge storm.

The next day - after looking at the weather forecast on the teli and in the paper.. (rain all week) we decided to hit the road to a new destination, as Forster is GREAT.. but not when you cant go swimming at the beach or kayaking (unless your crazy like matty who went on a 2 hour paddle that morning when i was still asleep!!)

We decided to come home :( only because we thought there would be way more indoor things to do in Sydney during the week of wet weather! On our way home though.. we stopped at Reptile World in Gosford!! And we managed to be real lucky, it didnt rain too much whilst we were there & it was the 1st occasion to take out my camera...
So.. on our 1st day of holiday in Sydney (wednesday) we went to IKEA to get a few things! Then went to Bondi because... it was SUNNY!!!!! I'll never trust the weather reports again!!! hahaha! We had a great swim down there!! It was great fun!

On thursday we went to Manly to go for a swim... but the beach was closed due to pollution, so we looked around the shops and I found a cafe that makes Gluten Free wraps!! I was SO excited!!! Then we planned on going for a swim at another beach but it started pouring again!! SO we went home... there was a blackout for a few hours!! Luckily the power came back on before dark!! phew!

Matty had to go back to work on friday so that was the end of our holidays!! We actually had a GREAT time together!! And I was happy to be able to go for a swim at the beach!! It was great just to spend time hanging out!!
Sorry, we didnt take any photos besides at the Reptile Park though!

On Friday night we went out for Kato's birthday!! It was a good fun night!!
Saturday, I worked at Pro Kayaks for a few hours, doing stocktake! It took forever!! But its done now!! And then we went to see Fools Gold at the movies...

It was an enjoyable movie!! And i was so excited to find out it was shot in Queensland!! On our next holiday I want to go up there where the water is crystal clear!!! WOW! Amazing!! Love it!!

On sunday morning I met up with Bec at 8:30am to go for a walk along the beach!! I was nice to get the blood pumping so early in the morning!! We saw a washed up sharks head on the beach, it was only small. I asked some fishermen what it was and they said its a "bronze whaler" or something. Then the fisherman said, "dont worry, he cant get you now". Too bad I was worried about his mum and dad still probably swimming in the waters nearby! hahaha! It was sad to see it washed up on the beach tho. Then I had to be a ProKayaks at 9:30am for an hour then I came home and cleaned... I believe they call it "nesting" HAHAHHAHA!!

My pregnancy is going great! 24-25 weeks now! And when i lie down the baby moves around and my belly goes into all sorts of funny shapes! Its very entertaining!!
I was surprised to see this photo in a Pregnancy Magazine I bought.. its what my baby is like now at 24 weeks! Already a little human!!
I hope everyone is doing well and I hope to get some scrapbooking done this week so I can do a show'n'tell on my blog!!

Xx Jess


Anna M-W said...

I'm so glad you got to go on holiday before the baby comes. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

Dar said...

It's bizarre isn't it!! When Kaia was first in the hospital there was the cutest Japanese baby next to us who was a huge big baby. When we started chatting with the parents we discovered he had been born at 24 weeks weighing under 500grams. He had been in there for 18 weeks but was now a big healthy beautiful baby! It's so surprising how well they are developed at that stage already! No wonder your little dude is kicking up a storm!!

Siany said...

Wow! What a crazy week youve had! Its such a shame about the crappy weather, but sounds like you had a nice time with Matty anyway!
I cant wait to see your baby belly now! That pic from the mag is incredible! Can you believe you have a LIVING being inside you! So so crazy!
Good you got to catch up on some movies too! lol! High priority!
xx See you real soon! *muah*

Esther said...

Looks like you had some fun. Even the weather wasn't that good. Love you pic of the koala. Love koala. Cuddle one when I was in Australia and love love loved it.

Great that everything with the baby is going well.

Love, es

Carole said...


Je suis heureuse de voir que ta grossesse se passe bien :) !
J'espère que tu pourras quand même profiter un peu de tes vacances malgré le mauvais temps annoncé.
Encore quelques semaines avant l'arrivée de bébé! J'espère que tout se passera bien jusque là!
Gros bisous.

Anne Thompson said...

Hey Jess. Sounds like such a fun holiday! Even if it did rain! Love the LO's too, and your cute belly pics!

Sharmaine said...

Doh to the weather but glad you still enjoyed the break.