Sunday, 3 February 2008

Week One of holidays...

Hi everyone!!
Well, the restaurant is closed for our annual holidays and this was the 1st week! As you know (from my post below) my 1st day off I met up with Daria and had a good time! Then on the thursday I went to the hospital to see the midwife for a check up! All is well! The heartbeat is strong, i've put on 6kg and my blood pressure is normal! So we are very happy and hope the rest of the pregnancy is all normal and healthy too!
Here is a piccie of my 'bump'...
Then on Friday My brother and Siany came down to visit for the day! We had planned a scrapping day so my brother John, brought some dvds to watch so he wouldn't get too bored! But i think he was more entertained in feeding the six cockatoo's that came to visit our balcony in the afternoon!! lol!
Sian and I were very productive and created a few layouts each! Here is one of the layouts I created about being 26 years old...
It was fun swapping our products with eachother and just being able to scrap together! They ended up staying for dinner - Spag Bol with Gluten Free Pasta (sorry about that bit guys!! lol). Siany also took some piccies of Matty and I and the bump as the centre focus...
Then on saturday morning I met up with my friend Bec and we planned on going for a swim at Balmoral Beach but the weather wasn't very nice! Matty, Mikey and Kato were doing THIS race in middle harbour, which Matty and Mikey won! So that was exciting! We went and met up with them once they were finished, and ofcourse, the sun came out then too!! hahaha!
That night, Matty, Me, Bec, Kato & Mikey drove out to the veledrome to watch the Cycling! I'd never been before! It was a fun night out! The commentator was so funny and it made it really good to watch as he expalined everything!
My favourite of the races was the 'Miss N Out' races where a whole bunch of cyclists start and each lap the last person past the line gets eliminated! This was made extra enjoyable to watch cos of the funny comentating!!!
Ofcourse, i didnt take my great SLR camera, just my point'n'shot camera that fits in my handbag so no photos really worked out! This was the best of the bunch...
Tonight Matty and I are leaving on a holiday! And um, I hear thunder rumbling! I hope it'll be nice weather at our destination!! So, i will be back in blog land in a few days once we get back!
Till then... have a happy day!!
Xx Jess


Siany said...

Youve had a fabulous first week off (mainly cos you saw me... hahaha)!!

Your layouts are SO gorgeous! I LOVE the '26' one! That paper lace is so pretty!

Sounds like you had a fab time at the Cycling!! Still a great shot - you'll know for next time to take your Nikon!

Have a GREAT time up the coast! Im so jealous! I hope the weather is beautiful for you!!

Sharmaine said...

Hope you have a super dooper holiday and the weather is good!
Love the layout!!

Esther said...

Hope you have a wonderful holiday. And I love your LO 26.

Great to see you doing well and you belly is growing. Have fun with the pregnancy. I know the feeling and it's wonderful.

Love, es

Tamara Nicole said...

Your belly is SOooooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

You're looking wonderful Jess :) LOVE the layout, I like that lace paper too.

Mel said...

Hi Jess! You look so gorgeous with your bump!!!! Sounds like you guys had fun scrapping! Love your layouts!

Marjolein said...

Wow, I love your pregnant "bump" photo!!!!!!! And the layout is gorgeous, great job, must be so much fun scrapping together with a good friend!!