Thursday, 21 February 2008

Pink or Blue... (Part Three)

Hello!! This is the third and final post about our fun baby shower on monday night!! (be sure to scroll down and read part one and part two before reading this one!!)

GAME: "Change Time"
- This one was for the men!!! And us ladies, had an even better time just watching!! It was so so funny!!!!
So, the aim of the game is that the 'dad' has to change and dress the 'baby' in the fastest time.

Firstly the doctor (aka my mum!) brings out the 'babies'

The 'dads' with their babies before the game starts...
Kato, Geoff, Jay, Matty & John

Matty all prepared and ready to start changing the nappy! Jay is still waiting to 'meet' his 'baby' here
Ok, the doctor has delivered all the babies... "are you ready men??!!"
This is the surprise that awaits them!!!!

And their off...
Look at Sian (far left) its hilarious!!!
Ans thats why men should be invited to baby showers... for a good laugh!!!! hehehe!!!

A huge *thank you* to all our friends who came out to Narrabeen on a monday night to celebrate with us!!! We hope you all had a fantastic time!!
And an even bigger *thank you* for all the generous and wonderful gifts we recieved!!!!

We got so spoilet!!! :) Xx Jess


Anna M-W said...


Too funny!

Siany said...

LOL!! The looks on their faces when they saw the 'poo' was hilarious!! I think John was the only one who realised it was Nutella!! Hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Who came up with these games? they're hilarious!
I see some unusual light streaks on photos 7 and 8. The sort you get with spiritual activity. Then again it could be light reflections. Looks a lot like the other though.

Marjolein said...

Oh my.... I've read all 3 of the babyshower posts, you guys must have had lots of fun!!!
I can see why men have to be there, this is hilarious!!! I've just been to a babyshower, but there were only women... I guess with men you have lots of fun:-)))

angel said...

wow you are spoiled! Enjoy! Love the baby blacket btw!

The bunny on my picture is 6 days old, today it's the 7th day! They are so cute!

Mel said...

Looks like you all had a ball!!! Very original ideas!!!

Debbie said...

Looks like everyone had a great time, even the guys! What fun...

Say, I saw on Siany's blog that it's your birthday so I stopped you to wish you a Happy Birthday!

Carole said...

Je vois que vous vous êtes bien amusés! ;D
J'aurais bien aimé être de la party!
Bon anniversaire!
Le mien était il y a deux jours comme celui de ton papa (24 février)!
See you.
Bisous :*