Thursday, 21 February 2008

Pink or Blue... (Part Two)

Hi! If your just popping into my blog for the 1st time in a while... Scroll down and read part one of the baby shower first.... :)

GAME: "Express"
This game was for the Ladies... You are given a rubber glove, a safety pin, a little empty baby bottle and some milk. The aim of the game... to "express" the milk from the glove, 1st to fill the bottle wins...

L to R: Marina, Bec (hidden), Siany, Katie, Jess, Toni & Eva
Bec, Siany & Katie - lots of concentration... Me and Toni!OPS!!All done! Katie and Me
GAME: "don't like DO like"
- So this game actually starts off real akwardly! Especially when you are sitting next to someone you dont know that well (or at all) But the final result of the game is GREAT fun and a good laugh!
The rules: You sit in a circle and everyone gets a turn to say what they Physically, DONT LIKE about the person on their left and then what they Physically LIKE about the person on their right. Once that is all done.. we then reveal that you now have to KISS the thing you DIDN'T LIKE about the person on your left, and BITE the thing you did like about the person on your right!!
It's a real funny game!!
Here are some photos once everyone had said what they had to say....

Here is Geoff kissing Toni's toenail varnish

Geoff biting Sian's "lovely smile" - it was funny to watch.. they'd never met eachother before... akward!!! hehehe! Mum kissing Kato's pink thongsKato biting mum's glasses

Bec kissing Dad's "big round belly" Luke biting Kel's butt!! heheh Steve ready and waiting for Luke to bite his "big pecks"

Yes!! After a lot of squirming... Luke did it!!! Steve biting my "curly hair"
Thats a hilarious game!! I highly recommend you playing it with your friends! Remember, no one knows WHY we are going round in circles saying that we like and dislike physical things about other people till you let them know.. that they then have to kiss and bite!!!

Okay, there is another bunch of photos for the FUNNIEST game of the night...
Tune in again soon to see these!!!
Xx Jess


Anna M-W said...

How fun!

That "Don't like do like" looks like a GREAT drinking game!

Mandi said...

Wow that game looks hilarious! Maybe hilarious to watch... and not do! Haha

Lori said...

Now those are some fun shower games!!! Love the like and don't like!!! Soooo funny!!

Brigitte said...

hahaha !! looks like you had soooo much fun Jessy !!
Heyyy gorgeous !! i've tagged you !! well, i hope you'll have time to play along... i've never tagged you bfore, i usually tag Sian cos i know she'll tag you but this time... come on !! it's your turn, i want to know a bit more !!

Siany said...

Hahaha that game was hilarious!! And erm.. not only had Geoff and I never met, we'd literally been introduced about 5 mins before!! Hahaha!!
It really was fun! Great way to break the ice - even if you had to say mean things! lol!