Saturday, 8 March 2008

A congratulations and (yay!)...

Yesterday my Brother John and his girlfriend (my good friend) Siany got the keys to their first HOUSE!!!!!!! Im so excited for them!! Congratulations guys!! There house is gorgeous!!!!

And, here is a very rare (in fact, i think its a first....) a photo of John and Sian and all their siblings...

Me, John, Siany, Lane & Liam

Also, on news from my hospital tests for this week... its all good news, all the results came back normal!! THANK GOODNESS!!! I was really worried!!
Xx Jess


Anna M-W said...

Glad to hear the baby is doing fine.

I stopped by Siany's blog and wished her congrats on the new home!

Sharmaine said...

That is such good news Jess!! YAY!! All the best for the rest of the pregnancy now!!

Siany said...

Thanks Jess! And thanks for coming to visit!! I cant wait for you to see it all painted! :D

SOOOOOOO happy for you about your results!! I didnt even know you;d heard back already! But thats fantastic that youre 'normal'. hehe :)

Linda said...

yay on the test results that is so awesome, and the new house looks gorgeous....I love your baby bump, it is so tiny.

Esther said...

What good news to read all the tests are okay. And, oo, your belly is showing so nice on the pic above. Have a great week (and take is slow)

Love, es

Gigi said...

wow!!! CONGRATS sian & johnny!!!!
what a gorgeous home!

& take it easy sweetie!!!
smooth sailing from here on in :)



Nicole said...

the house looks good. love the pic of them in the bath. too cute

and how sweet is your bump. ahh i can't wait for mine.


Anonymous said...

hey jess,
been a while since i cruised thru the blog world so seen the lights on so thought i would pop in and say hi...
well so much bump so little time and your looking healthy and happy, love the glow you preggers have. and i have always said there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman.. be down to see all the kids in the photo i stole off ya blog.. it so cool cept baby was not smiling hehe
stay happy stay safe. babies dont like easter eggs but if you must partake in the festive indulgence then be careful to eat only white chocolate as my mum ate brown chocolate and thats why i am brown...
loves from the gold coast
siany's dad

Brigitte said...

Hiyahhhh !! yesss !! i've seen the fotos at sian's blog, i am sooo happy for them too !!
and... of course all is normal !! (i now... i guess i've been there...for the 1st baby it's always ...a first worry for everything !!)
all the best for you Jess !!