Tuesday, 22 April 2008

little kicks to say hello...

Hello hello!
Unfortunately today i've got a yucky cold so i've been lying around with no energy all day... our little budda (@ 35 weeks) on the other hand, has lots of energy!
Here's a little video i took... not great quality, have a look at the 1st 2 seconds, i think thats where you see it the best... i think its a foot or something! What do you think it is??

Xx Jess


Esther said...

So cool when your baby does that! Love it when my child was showing himself (got two of them by now) Don't think it's a footh (to big for a little babies footh) Could be his/ her back or bottom.

Hope you are feeling better real soon. Just take your time and relax. And let your friend spoil you a bit :)

Love, es

leewoodside said...

Hope you are feeling better. Love that feeling when the baby does big moves like this. Such an amazing feeling

jill s said...

oh that was one of my favorite parts of being pregnant! SO amazing.

i can't wait to see pictures of the sweet little baby!! :)

Debbie said...

Love it! When I was pregnant with Rachel I had a dream that she was kicking me in the throat :) Hope you are feeling better...

saffiertje said...

hI jESS, awesome! to see babies bump like that! The 3 of me did it also very often! Makes your stomach turn around sometimes.
I think its the back of your baby or a head...to big bump for a foot! So cool that you could tape it so well!!!
By the way, the stamps on the blog arn't mine! I make my ones tonight... Thes are the creations of Petra! Sorry no honor for me!

Hope you have enough energie these coming days! Take your rest my dear! The more you rest the easyer the delivery!
It's such a miracle moment!!! Hope you can rest for now and enjoy your bumping child! Soon you will see it, hold it and hug it and LOVE it!Love Miranda

Carole said...

Hello Jessy and little budda :)
The baby seems to be in good shape.
I hope you'll feel better soon.
I saw the vote yesterday: 50/50 for the sex of the little budda ;)
I'm sure that the D-Day will be the 24 may (24 like your father, la Mutter and I) And may, because may XD ...

xxx Love