Friday, 6 June 2008

The Birth...

Hi Everyone,
I've been struck with mastitis! Im hoping the antibiotics will kick in soon - not fun. Everything with Liberty is great though! She is the perfect newborn!
I thought i'd post up my birth story.. its pretty long! But i've added photos down the bottom for you clucky readers!
Xx Jess

The birth
On Friday night throughout the night I started feeling my first bit of back pain I’ve had in at least 3 months! I had a sore back when I was about 6 months pregnant but not in the 3rd trimester, lucky me!! So on Saturday morning I said to Matty, don’t go too far today, I might go into labor, I’ve got a sore lower back! We both giggled as I really didn’t think I was ready as I still didn’t have the ‘signs’ everyone talks about… the show, diarrhea, sharp pains in your inner thigh and groin. So without these signs I knew id be fine!

During the day on Saturday, I went on a walk by the lake to visit Matty at work and we walked into town together to get some lunch! I still had a sore(ish) lower back and very mild period pain but that’s all!

In the evening, I made fried rice for dinner and we ate then cracked out the yahtzee for a few games. Whilst playing, I started complaining about period pains that kept coming and going, and then I said to Matty, ‘maybe we should time these, they may be contractions’. So we started timing them at about 7pm on the Saturday night. They were 5 minutes apart and only lasting about 10-15seconds and not very painful (more just annoying). We called the hospital at about 8pm and the midwife asked if I could still talk through a contraction (yes!) so she just said as its my 1st baby, these kind of contractions could last up to 48 hours! AHHH! She told me to get lots of rest!!I went to bed at 10:30pm, contractions still approx 5 minutes apart but lasting a bit longer and were a bit stronger. I tried to sleep but all of a sudden, I finally felt a strong contraction! Matty heard me yelp and came into the room and watched me, and wait for it…. He laughed at me!!!! Little bugger! So I was now in pain! After an hour or so, I called the hospital again and they told me to come on in…

We arrived at the hospital at midnight, they put me straight into the delivery room. The midwife checked my cervix. I was only 1cm dilated. ‘what does that mean?’ I asked! – yep! As you can see, I didn’t read up that much on the birth as it was too scary!! – the midwife said it meant there was still a long way to go and that it would be the midwives on the day shift that would be meeting my baby. I thought to myself ‘shit! This HUUURTS!’

Mona Vale Hospital is great and I was really looking foreword to using the spa bath during my labor. So Matty ran me a bath and the midwife told me which position to lye in (on all fours) to get the baby into the right position. I thought I’d enjoy the spa but infact, my contractions got stronger and I really wasn’t enjoying it. Once I got out a student midwife came in and tried to tell me to relax during the contractions (yeah right!) they were now so close together, Matty was trying to make me sip h2o during contractions, and sometimes I didn’t even have time to do that! I asked the student midwife, ‘when can I have the drugs?’. She said I wasn’t dilated enough yet (not that she checked) and I’d have to wait! This was at about 2am. Matty was very good, rubbing my back and giving encouraging words, no more laughing now!

The main midwife came back in at about 3:30am and checked me… I was now over 8cm dilated! She said that went really, really fast to dilate that much in 3.5 hours!
My question, ‘so, can I have drugs now??’
The answer.. ‘its too late, its almost time to push’

I looked at Matty and cried ‘I don’t want to do this anymore’
I think he laughed and followed that by some encouraging words about how well I was doing! Ahhhhh, finally! They gave me GAS!!! I don’t know how well it worked but at least it had me concentrating on my breathing! The midwife then broke my waters, I felt a gush of warm water come out of me, ‘ewe, gross’ I said, then I forgot about being embarrassed as my contractions then got about 3times stronger!

It was time to push! Oh my gosh what a feeling. Its amazing!! It hurt like hell but how amazing! Matty could see her coming out! I touched her head once it was out, whilst waiting for the next contraction, and then out she slid (it bloody hurt).

At 4:12am, Liberty was born weighing 3.4kg and 47cm long. I was only at the hospital for 4 hours!

They put her on my tummy and I got to check to see what sex she was! I had to check twice to see we had a beautiful baby GIRL!!!! I had told myself if was going to be a boy in fear of disappointment if I didn’t prepare myself for it, as the whole pregnancy, I secretly wanted a baby girl! My wish came true! The most beautiful baby girl ever!

Liberty didn’t even cry when she came out, she just looked around soaking in the view. I then pushed out the placenta, they took liberty to do her checks then Matty (who shed a tear when Liberty was born) had some cuddles. Whilst I lay there and got stitched back up! Yep, Liberty coming out so fast gave me 2nd degree tearing. It took about an hour to get sewn back up! Ouchy! This time I was sucking on that gas like a champion!

Then we got to spend some time with Liberty, I got to breastfeed her and Matty and I talked and cooed over Liberty! I couldn’t of done it without Matty’s support and the help of the fantastic midwife that was on duty that night!
We are so blessed and happy with our beautiful baby girl!

With Daddy...
With Mummy
With Teddy...
Our little princess...


Siany said...

omg. I never having children lol!! That sounds like an incredible experience Jess!! And to see the end result proves its definitely worth it! Shes gorgeous!
Im so happy you had a quick labour! I cant imagine how painful it is!!!

Siany said...

PS You look *fabulous*. I cant believe that not only is your belly gone, but you have a SIX-PACK!!! lol!

Daria said...

Jeez Jess, check out the ROCKIN body on you!! Jealous!! Cannot believe you just popped a kid out, you look AMAZING!!
Gorgeous pics, that's an adorable little suit she's got on, red's a good colour for her.
Hope the boobs are feeling better soon! xx

Nicole said...

what a birth story, :) I'm a little scared about this time, my labouts just sort of creep up on me, and I dialate really quick too.

In sympathy with you over the mastitis, the only people that know what it's like are the ones that have experienced it. Feels like razors blades through your nipples right?

Anyway hope the meds have kicked in and making everything a little more comfortable.

Girly you are looking fab too.


Marie said...

Liberty is beautiful, she looks like Matt.
mastitis is the worst, I know what it's like, fingers cross that the antibiotic works.

marijana said...

she is BEAUTIFUL!!!
and LOOK at that flat belly -im so jelaous:)
cant wait to see some of your L0s with Libertys photos !!!
take care

marijana M (left you a comment after you had Liberty- Iused to be a lurker-NOT any more )-LOL


Lori said...

Awwww, Liberty is just beautiful!!!! What a princess!!!! Glad you all are doing well!!! Enjoy all of these precious moments!!

Jodie said...

huge congrats on her birth jess.
she is a little doll.
loved your post about the birth too,wow now im scared when i someday have children hehe!!
only kidding,its worth it right?!!

hope you all settle in and be happy forever

Marjolein said...

She's really gorgeous Jess, and it is that I've got 2 girls already otherwise after reading this...... dunno...... LOLOL
But hey girl, your, how on earth did you manage that!!!

lisa said...

You did so well to go through that without painkillers for the majority of it, well done girl! and next time you better get there quick 'cause that's very fast dilation!

Anne Thompson said...

OK, I have to say how AMAZING you look first of all! GOod job ladycakes! And Liberty is sooooo precious, I love the one of her yawning! :) Sorry to hear you have mastitis, I had it also, twice. Hope the antibiotics give you some relief soon. Just nurse as often as you can to relieve it. Tkae good care, and can't wait to hear more. I loved reading about her birth story!

Mel said...

Hi Jess! You have all my sympathy re the boobs !!!! It's SOOO painful, isn't it??The joys of Motherhood!! lol Once it clears up you'll be fine!! Breastfeeding is so relaxing (when you don't have mastitis!!! )

Anna M-W said...


I so don't want to have kids because I don't do pain too well!

I would have been PISSED if she told me that it was TOO LATE to have drugs!!!

I hope you are feeling better and I am looking forward to getting to Liberty better through the blog.

Take care of yourself!