Monday, 9 June 2008

two weeks old already!

Woah! I cant believe Liberty is already two weeks old!! Thats amazing! She has changed so much! She is eating like a champion and is getting chubby cheeks, so cute! Last night Matty and I managed to sleep for about 6 hours (of broken sleep) thats the best so far!! I woke up feeling good and refreshed. I think the antibiotics have finally taken effect and is helping me with my mastitis!
I took her out on a walk by the lake, into Narrabeen via pro kayaks to visit 'daddy'! It was her first walk in the Baby Bjorn which we recieved as a gift from Matt's bosses! She loved it and slept the whole time! Liberty also LOVES her bath and getting her nappy changed! She is a happy little baby! When she is contente she holds her hands together like she is thinking or preying, its so cute!
Here are some photos of today...

Liberty and I by the lake

Liberty and Teddy (@ 2 weeks old)

Happy in her rocker

Tonight after her bath

I sware, i dont always have my belly hanging out! I just seem to be photographed when it is hanging out!!! Will have to make an effort to cover up for future piccies!!!
Xx Jess


Siany said...

Two weeks!! Wow! Thats really flown! Glad to hear you guys got some 'decent' sleep last night! I hope it gets easier from now on :)
Hope your mastitis clears up soon - must be so uncomfortable.
Liberty looks so tiny in her baby bjorn!! And shes so cute with her teddy!
PS Dont worry about your belly always showing - i'd have mine hanging out if it looked that good!! heheh!!

TiteC said...

time flies !! two weeks already !!

it is so sweet to see those pictures... and your Liberty is really cute !

xxx from France


PS : just as Siany says...I'd show my belly too if it looked as good !! lol

rachel whetzel said...

She looks SO MUCH like you two!! Enjoy every moment!! They fly by so FAST.

Anna M-W said...

Absolutely precious!
Are you sure you were pregnant? It doesn't even look like you have any baby weight left on you!

Daria said...

Way to go mama out on the town!! So good that she is happy in the baby bjorn, much much easier when you just need to get out for a while! Kaia the little bum wouldn't have a bar of it, can't go anywhere without the pram!! (Although maybe the actual baby bjorn is alot more comfortable than our $10 Kmart version!!) Haha.
You look amazing!! Could I be more jealous?!! 10 months on & I'm still trying to shed the baby weight!
You are a yummy mummy!!
She is a real little cutie jess, the time just flies... we'll be doing mummy outings in no time!! Can't wait!

kathj said...

she is really beautiful congratulations!

Penny Smith said...

Try a sling instead of a front carrier... very comfy, and you might even get to nurse with her in the sling... and they work until they are toddlers in the "hip carry" position... Get the video they come with... cuz even though it is a simple piece of material, you'll put it on wrong the first time without guidance! :)
I like Maya Wraps (google that. )

Beautiful baby! :)