Tuesday, 15 July 2008


I was tagged by the lovely Kate and fabulous Lee! Thanks girls!
The award is for blogs that you love and inspire you in many ways!
Once you've been tagged you can then take the logo, post it on your blog and then nomminate 7 blogs that you love, who are worthy of the award!
I give the award to:

Siany: Love reading your stories, looking at your photos and seeing your creations! Basically, im stalking you!!! hehe
Daria: Love hearing about all your funny stories, and watching Kaia grow through your blog until we get chances to meet up
Lisa: Love all your amazing photos of where you live and your family (and pets!)
Nicole: Love watching your bump grow and your kiddies too!! Love all your scrapbook creations too.
Gigi: You Rock! Love all your layouts!!
Esther: Love your creations!! And all your photos!
Judith: Love reading about all your adventures, especially South Africa!!!

There are so many more fabbo blogs that i'd like to tagg, but it would take me all day, and I dont know how happy Liberty would be about that!! hehe
Xx Jess

1 comment:

Daria said...

THANKS JESS! That's so nice of you! Even though my Blog is soooo boring really! Um, can I send it back to you? Cos I am like your BIGGEST Blog stalker ever!