Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Today was a busy day, we had some visitors... Uncle John John and Aunty Siany brought lunch and came for a visit to see uhm, Me & Matt?? Well, yes, but mostly to visit Liberty who they havent seen in about a month! I think they were excited to see her smiling and talking now!
Uncle John... Aunty Siany...
I was lucky! I got a break as John and Sian ended up staying for dinner! And John cooked! Yum! It was so nice for Matt and I not to have to cook plus my brother is a great cook! And Sian did the dishes, oh and fixed the broken blind!! THANKS GUYS!
Whilst John was cooking... Siany was baby sitting Liberty!! heheh! I got to relax and watch teli!! And chat to everyone too ofcourse! (ignore teh messy house!)
and last but not least... Here is a piccie of Liberty in her new leggings that she recieved on the weekend from Leea! They are so cute!

ETA: Here is Aunty Siany holding Liberty in the Baby Bjorn at the shopping centre today! Liberty loved it so much that she fell asleep!

Xx Jess


Siany said...

Gosh youre quick!! We only just got home lol!!
Was *AWESOME* to see you, Matt and Libby today :) She has changed so much and Im not so scared to hold her anymore lol!! Thankyou for letting me carry her around in the Baby Bjorn!! It was so cute and she looked so sweet with her little hands clasped together :)
Thats a really cute photo of her in those leggings!! Such an angelic face!!
Cant wait to visit you all again!!

Anne Thompson said...

Awe, it's so fun when friends get involved with your children!! She sure is cute Jess!

Anna M-W said...

Awww...so cute!

Anonymous said...

She is so sweet. Those leggings, my niece has some of them and my sister just sent some more to our newborn niece in melbourne, they're so funky. Love that top photo with her Uncle John.

Gigi said...

omgosh jess she is the cutest little girl! awww...oh i love little babies & liberty is the sweetest!

enjoy her :)
& enjoy relaxing when you can :)



Daria said...

Hi Jess! Sorry I have been computer MIA lately! I can't believe how much she has grown already, those cute little smiles, I see so much of both you & Matt in her! Cutest little thing.
She is coming along so quickly, you forget how it is when they start doing their first smiles & the rest of the firsts & your start seeing their personality. She is a little sweetie! Can't wait to catch up again, I am totally bummed that we're moving even further away from you! Booooo!