Sunday, 14 September 2008

Our first taste of *summer*

Yesterday was 28 degrees!! It was so exciting to have a sneak preview of how wonderful summer is going to be!! (unfortunately, today is not so nice, still quite warm, but wet, dark and humid). It was so fun to have Liberty in bare feet all day and in the evening we went to Bec and Kato's for a wonderful BBQ, and Liberty was very fussy, i think it was a combo of lack of sleep and also being too hot, so I stripped her down in to her 'underwear' (hehe) and it was so cute to see her rolls of fat!!
It was a lovely busy day!!! Matty had to work but he took a time out to take liberty for her first Kayak trip on the lake!
I took liberty out by the lake on the picnic rug, which was lovely, we had a good time!!
Bring on summer time!!! Here are some photos of our day...
Xx Jess


lisa v said...

She'll be a kayaker before she can walk :D

Siany said...

What gorgeous weather it was!! And today again! Yesterday was bizarre - thunder and lightning up here!
Liberty looks so tiny in her daddys lap! How long until she gets her own kayak?? Shes going to be such a water baby! Love the little hat :)

Essie said...

How nice that the summer is going your way. We're getting the first signs of autumn. Brr. Rain, wind, colder weather.....

So cute to see Liberty in a swim vest. And her little summer heat is adorable.

Love, es

brigitte g. said...

Heyyy beaudiful Jess !!
wowwww hasn't Liberty grown sooo much ??!!! she looks totally GORGEOUS !!!!
and...way to go...learning already to be on a kayak !! ;) so cute ;)
Looks like motherhood suits you sooo well :)
Must catch-up some day next you come to the Mountains !!