Wednesday, 17 September 2008

road trip...

Hi Everyone, well, actually... Bye everyone!!! hehehe!
We are off on a family road trip! We are leaving this afternoon after work, to go to the King Valley(?) in Victoria! The down river kayak nationals are on and matt is going to participate! You should see the kayak he is burrowing, it looks like a giant TURD!! Hahah, i will take a photo!
So we will be back next week, Just thought i'd leave you with a photo of Libby and the positition she will be in for a lots of hours... Fingers crossed, she doesnt mind the trip too much!
Xx Jess
P.S. Un Grand *Happy Birthday* pour Loule Grunenwald pour ce weekend!!


Siany said...

BYE GUYS!!! Have a great trip and good luck Matt!!
Hope you have a lovely time in Woop Woop Jess! I'll miss you!! lol!

rihani said...

Liberty is just too CUTE!!! :)
Have a great trip Jess!!

Rihani xx

Essie said...

Have fun fun fun

Love, es

Anne Thompson said...

Oooh have fun!!