Thursday, 25 September 2008

Our little holiday in Victoria!

We are back from our little road trip down to the King Valley in Victoria! It was nice to get away! Of course, we did go down for a reason... Matty decided to compete in the Down River Kayaking Nationals. This type of kayaking he hasn't done in YEARS so first things first... finding the type of kayak he needed. He managed to burrow one that has been around since the 1980s! It also looked like a big turd, so thats what we nicknamed the boat!
It was fun to get away and see some new things! Liberty was a good girl considering all the driving we did. We did have to add an extra day onto our trip as it wasn't fair on her to drive the whole way in one day! She did start to get pretty annoyed after a couple of hours in the car at a time (understandably).

Well, i've got heaps of photos to share, so I will let our holiday speak for itself in photos.... (got get yourself a cup of tea... lots of photos ahead!)

The first night we stayed in a town called Yass. It was as far as we managed to get with a happy baby!! We checked into the first cheap hotel we found and then went to dinner at the Yass RSL, i did take photos but im trying to keep this post a little shorter.

Then we hit the road and spent the next night in Wangaratta, Victoria. We arrived in the afternoon after stopping at Albury for lunch and an afternoon feed for Liberty in the botanical gardens there. We decided to explore Wangaratta in the afternoon, and we found a nice motel to stay the night in. Also for dinner (we got take aways) we found a yummy restaurant called tread that had gluten free written on the menu! I had the lamb backstrap and it was fantastic! Im always excited when I find a good meal and I know its 'safe'!After a good night's sleep, we headed to the King Valley for a 3 day stay so Matty could compete in the Down River Kayaking Nationals. He did great, he came 3rd in his category and 8th overall.
We stayed in a little Caravan Park in Whitfield, Victoria.And here is a photo of the town of Whitfield... YEP! That is the entire town, hahah!Matty went up on friday to do a practice run of the King River, here he is... After one run down, the 'big turd' needed to be emptied and also mended - heheWe hung around a bit at the caravan park playing cards, chopping wood (for fun) and letting Libby have a sleep...Then the weekend arrived and the racing started... "Go Matty!!"But we also did other stuff too. On saturday night we all went to a winery for dinner. Again, they had Gluten Free meals and it was so so yummy! After the racing on saturday we went up to Paradise Falls for a bush walk. It was beautiful...
On the sunday morning, we drove up to the top of the dam wall to see the lake, and we spotted our only kangaroo that we saw (besides road kill)...
Here is our car with the 'big turd' kayak and a play boat
Then it was already time to jump back in the car and do the big drive back home! We did decide to do it over two days though which was good cos it meant we got to go and visit Ettamogah Pub....
We also had another pitt stop by the side of the road.. we put out the picnic blanket to let Libby have a stretch. We were amused by the hub cap fence too!
We had a great mini break! And it was great to make it back home in time for our weekly mothers group meeting!!
Here's one last photo of Libby when we were on the road! I think her expression is practically saying 'im so over all this driving'... hehehe
Xx Jess


Essie said...

What a great picz!
Love them. Seems like you had a wonderful holiday. Have a great weekend.
Love, es

Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing! So nice to see a bit of Australia through your pics, as well as Libby, of course! Btw Jess, you look great :)

Siany said...

It really does look like a big turd!! hehe!!
Great pics! Looks like you had fab weather the whole way!! Liberty looks quite comfy in the car :) Kayaking at 3 months and driving at 4months! lol! Well done Matty! Must be hard steering a big turd!

Monique said...

carole came and show us the last news of your trip. Sad to see Lily growing so fast. Almost as big as her Dad! :)
I'm coming home. See you soon!
Kisses to all :*
Grand-mamy Monique